Negative thoughts can become a vice on our lives and affect the way in which we experience life’s events. Learning how to think positively instead of negatively can be hard, especially if one has never been taught to do so. However, becoming someone who sees the best in everything can lead to new experiences and a healthier existence.

Be Grateful

Learning to be grateful for all you have in life is fundamental to becoming a positive thinker. If you are reading this you most likely have access to a computer, Internet, A LIFE! Be grateful for others who are there for you and for all the things that you are appreciative of in life. Everything you have is a privilege in life; treat it that way.

Eliminate Drama

Starting drama is a nasty characteristic to carry. Eliminating drama from your life starts from ditching the people who start drama about everything and everyone under the sun. Even if they are not starting drama about you they are increasing the risk of turning you into a drama starter as well. Eliminate these people and influences from your life because you should be rejoicing in happiness and gratitude, not silly drama.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Ditching drama filled people from your life goes along with surrounding yourself with supportive people. You know who is a bad influence on your life and who is not. Your friends are either there for you or not. Choose the people you let into your life wisely.

Take Responsibility

Transitioning to thinking more positively than before starts with taking the initiative to do so. You have to want to be happier. You also have to take responsibility for the things that sometimes go wrong in your life and make the decision that YOU can change it for the better.

Be Kind

Be nice to others. It’s that simple. Being kind to others will generate positive feelings for you and the person you are being kind to. Everybody is a winner in this situation. Being kind is to be a good person and there is no better way to think and live positively.

Set Aside “You” Time

Sometimes we need time to just slow down and become absorbed within our own thoughts. Whether this is through meditation, yoga, music, going for a walk, fishing, etc… we can all benefit from sometime to escape reality and become lost within our own train of thoughts.

Have Fun

An obvious way to eliminate negative thinking is to have fun. Having fun leads to laughter, excitement, and enjoyment. As long as no one is getting harmed in the process live it up and have fun, it is why we are all here in the first place.

Learn To Forgive

It takes a strong person to give forgiveness for something. It also isn’t worth your time to dwell on what is already done. What’s done is done and in the past and that’s where it deserves to remain. Giving forgiveness can be hard to conquer but if done so it will allow you to move on from your mistakes as well as others. Happiness and positive thinking cannot be achieved or improved if we are holding on to what was done in the past.

Thinking The Glass Is Half Full (Not Half Empty)

Whatever happens in life (within reason) treat it as being for the better and not for the worse. If you are having a bad day, flip your thought process to what has happened that day that was good. This technique is simply learning how to become optimistic. Thinking optimistically is thinking positively. Not every situation in life allows for us to think optimistically. Life comes with hardship from time to time. However, the majority of day-to-day events can be treated with this type of thinking.

Stop Over thinking

Getting over-absorbed within our fast paced lives can sometimes lead us to over think our current state instead of seeing the grand scheme of things. If you go through a funk in life and it seems like you can’t fight your way out, keep fighting. Hard work and determination will prevail in the end. As long as you are doing something to improve yourself for the better don’t spend energy worrying about what is to come. Think positively, live in the moment, but try not to over think too much.

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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

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