Lately, there is a heightened level of uncertainty about what the future holds for our country, land expropriation without compensation, talk of impending recession, talk of South Africa being downgraded to junk status, fear of government using pension funds to bail out failing institutions, fear of more taxes should government approve the national health act, unemployment and crime are but some of the factors playing a role.

There’s the likelihood of uncertainty ahead for some time yet, so I would like to share some tips on how to build your wealth in the current economic times.

Invest In Yourself

Many investors commit hundreds of thousands of Rands to buy a property, yet they have no property investment knowledge and they have no idea what the growth or the risk is.

My first law is to invest in yourself before you invest a sent in any business venture or investment.

Find a teacher who has achieved what you want to achieve, who have invested through several cycles and has kept their wealth.

You can always learn from your own mistakes, but it could cost you a lot less by learning from someone else.

Minimize Stress

Stress can come from all directions when investing in property. From knowing what kind of offer to make, knowing how to get out of the deal if the deal is not going to work, letting agents that are not managing your property the right way and the worst is when you realize you should never have purchased that property in the first place.

Over the years we have taught tens of thousands of students to invest in all kinds of property and real estate and we know… 

There is a successful way to invest in property and then there is a stressful way to invest in property.

But how do you reduce the stress of investing in property?

By adhering to a proven successful strategy and system.

A lot of times your friends, business partner or even estate agents will tell you that a specific property is a good investment. But is it really? How can you be sure before you buy it?

Predictable results can only come from adhering to a proven investment strategy and by using a proven investment system. A proven investment strategy and system can help you take the emotion out of all your investment decisions. No emotion, less stress.

Know What You Buy Before You Buy

For years people have been saying you make your money with property when you buy.

We say you make your money with property BEFORE you buy.

Before you sign the deal, you must know what the growth is, if that growth will get you to your goal and what the risk is. Only then do you make an offer to purchase.

Make sure you join us for our next online Property Investment training, where we will show you practical examples of how to, invest in yourself, minimize your risk and know what to buy before you buy.

And remember before you invest in any type of property anywhere in the world. Always do the calculations yourself and if you don’t know how to do it, then learn from someone who does.

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Lara Jansen
Lara Jansen

Lara Jansen decided she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and teach the world about the Wealth Creators Strategy.