With more than 1 billion users – about 1.9 billion, to be exact – Facebook is still the most powerful platform of all social networks. When it comes to interacting with a large audience only a few brands are successful in connecting with 1% of Facebook’s users – a minuscule percentage taking into consideration the number of active users on the platform.

But size is not always that important. How you interact with your audience to build a community with like-minded people can even be more important than having a lot of followers.

Creating your own Facebook Group is one of the easiest and most underestimated ways to grow a following that matters for your brand.

Here are 6 reasons why you should seriously consider building your own Facebook Group.

  1. Loyal Fan Base

The beauty of a Facebook Group is that you bring like-minded people together. People with the same interests will be attracted to your page. As your numbers grow, you will start to build a community of people who actively engage with one another in a meaningful way. In the end, these people will form your loyal fan base, which is vital to the growth of your brand. Now the messenger has helpers to spread the message of your brand for free.

  1. Respect and reputation

Even if you don’t always lead the conversations, people will be appreciative of you making this entire experience possible.

As the creator of your Facebook Group, you control what gets posted, create the rules, and provide your members with an empowering environment. If you do a good job at your leadership role, you will gain more respect from your members, which will result in the growth of your brand, a better reputation and more product sales.

  1. More Exposure

As the administrator of your own Facebook Group, you have control over what is posted on the forum. Be cautious however not to post anything irrelevant or inappropriate as it will hurt the community and disgrace your reputation as a whole.

Although you can use your Facebook Group as a platform to promote your blog posts, YouTube videos, landing pages and products, be careful not to over-promote as the community can get sick of it. It is important to remember that the community can interact via other Facebook Group Pages or social media forums.

Keep a balance by doing self-promotion one or two times per month and spend most of the time interacting with the members of your page in a non-self-promotional manner. Another option is to pin a self-promotional post to the top of the Facebook Group, but only if it is relevant and not over-promotional.

  1. Exclusive Access to Your Customers

You can give free access as an incentive for people that already bought your products. This method of growing an audience is especially useful to companies that developed a training course. You not only get more product sales, but paying members of a Facebook Group tend to take the page more seriously (they paid for access). They may buy your other products in the future.

  1. Fastest Way to Grow Membership

Will you send an invite to a page group about computers if your friend writes music? What are the chances of that friend accepting that suggestion? What will happen to your friendship if you send multiple emails inviting him to join various Group Pages about computers? If you randomly invite people that have no interest in your brand, it will evoke negative feelings toward your company.

People like to help their friends because of their friends’ reactions and the feeling of self-gratitude that they feel in return. People know their friends and like to add relevant topics to conversations.

By allowing members permission to give access to the Facebook Group to their friends, the membership of your Facebook Group will grow substantially with people that will actively be involved in your niche. This is when meaningful conversations with your friends about computers may turn into posts on the actual group.

The bottom line is when friends give access to your Facebook Group to their friends; most of the friends with newly granted access will be interested in your Facebook Group’s topics.

  1. Get New Blog Post and Product Ideas

As members start interacting with one another, you will be able to get an idea of common questions your members have and what they appreciate. If the content of your post to the Facebook Group gets more reaction than other posts, it can be an indication of current trends and interests. Your readers’ comments may even inspire a topic for your next blog post idea.

Without a Facebook Group, you are missing an opportunity to tap into the full power of the most popular social network on the web. This is the most effective way to bring individuals interested in your niche together.

Remember – as your reputation and the relationship with members grow, the higher the chance that people may buy your products.

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Vincent Jansen
Vincent Jansen

Vincent Jansen is the Social Media Marketing Manager here at the Wealth Creators Method. When he started with Facebook Marketing he did not know a thing about it and in the first 4 month of 2018 alone he made over a million Rands.