Become a Master Investor before even Investing

Today, I would like to discuss the difference between being a master property investor and an average property investor and how the Wealth Creators Method can help you achieve the former.

You may have heard of the Pareto principle, which states that 20% of the effort will produce 80% of the result.

This applies to finance and investment, where 20% of people earn 80% of the total income in a specific industry.

The top 20% outperforms the bottom 80%, and this is why it’s important to separate the masters from the average.

In this post, I will demonstrate the difference between the two groups using an Excel spreadsheet of 20 properties evaluated by my students and myself.

If you take the average growth of these 20 properties, you will see it is at 45.91%.

But according to the Pareto Principle, if we separate the 20% (Masters) from the 80% (Average), all of a sudden, the averages look a lot different.

Where the average of the Average drops to 5.46% and the average of the Masters’s rises to 207.72%.

Over a period of five years, investing R12,000 per year, the master property investor will end up with 1.5 million, while the average investor will have 66,000.

This is why it’s crucial to learn how to become a master investor before investing in property.

The average person or homeowner will never be able to get out of being average, and it’s because they don’t take responsibility to learn how to become a master investor.

I believe that a lack of knowledge and understanding leads to impulsive decisions and dependence on others who are not truly knowledgeable about investing.

To effectively navigate the market and achieve growth, one must understand the risks involved and have the skills to mitigate them.

The Wealth Creators Method involves stacking four high-value skills in the right order, starting with the mental high-value skill.

By following this process, I have achieved significant growth on my investments.

In South Africa, interest rates can rise to 24%, and it’s important to understand this risk and have the skills to offset it.

This is where the Wealth Creators Method comes in. It offers a systematic approach to reducing risk and achieving growth in property investment.

By stacking the four high-value skills in the right order, you will have the knowledge and understanding to mitigate the risks and make informed decisions.

I invite you to learn more about the Wealth Creators Strategy and Method by attending one of my next Masterclasses.

Let’s work together to get you to a Master investors and achieve the level of success that you deserve.

To all your property success

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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.