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  1. Good Morning Hannes. What you are telling us now is very scary. At what point in your teaching will we get to the point of investing? Is there anything that we should do to start the ball rolling or am I to excited. Please let me know if I should open a bitcoin account now. Regards.
    Jan Beukes

      • Yes please It would make things more understandable if I would have more info on what to do and how to do what is required. Thank you for your teaching it is worth a lot to me and the best info one can receive for free. You are a man with a great passion for teaching others to get to the top. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank u for the training. Its mind blowing lessons, My question is on the system you using, is it on your TM or provided on the blockchain platform?

  3. Hallo Hannes,

    My why is because I want to spread my risk between different wealth creation strategies. I also want to retire in 5 years time.

  4. Hi Hannes. I recently enrolled for the Property Pro Course and I’m a bit concerned that property now seems like a more risky investment vehicle after the land-grab comments. Should I rather focus on cryptos or spread across both investment vehicles?

    • Hi Andre, the great thing that you will learn about Cryptos is that you do not have to start with a “big” investment. So you can do both. In the Property Mentoring Course you will learn several strategies to actually buy properties for “free” so it should not be a problem to do both if you do it according to the system.

  5. Thank you Hannes were waiting for your reaction on current situation and would like to thank you for your positive way of handling it. Property is becoming more difficult, recent events I experienced in a body corporate meeting makes me scared to continue owning properties in complexes. I too don’t want to be dependent on my properties for my future. Could your office please send me the details to get started.

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