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16 responses to “[DCT] Lesson 06”

  1. Dear Hannes
    I find your lessons inspirational and exciting. Thank you for sharing your information with us – so much quality information and insights, not just on crypto’s, but also the way our emotuons can trick us into making bad decisions. Please keep going!

  2. Hallo Hannes,
    Baie om in te neem, maar baie belangrik dat daar ‘n Mentor is om te volg wat vetrou kan word, wat integriteit bewys het oor die jare en wat weet wat hy doen. Dankie.

  3. Hi Hannes , this is simply the best set of lessons for me to listen to you . I opened a Crypto account this time last year and am slowly adding to it particulary now as the price is so low. Thank you and I am enjoying this so much Regards Lindsey

  4. Hi Hannes
    Thank you, you always striving..
    What platform holds your uniform positions?
    Can you please explain about the platform that holds your 44 positions.

  5. Hi Hannes, Could you please tell me how I can start to purchase these crypto’s after learning your system? What platform to use? I am not sure HOW to actually buy and sell these. Can you tell us where to start?

    • Hi Coenrad
      I suggest you complete the course before you start investing in any cryptos or open accounts.
      As part of the Dreyer Crypto Strategy I will teach you how my system works as well as how to open accounts and invest on the different exchanges…

  6. Dagsê Hannes,

    ‘n Vriend (Ook ‘n ou Old Mutual “Finasiële Raadgewer”) het ‘n baie goeie gesegde “If you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what you don’t know”

    Geseënde 2019 vir jou en jou gesin. Mag 2019 die beste jaar ooit wees.

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