11 responses to “[DCT] Lesson 04”

  1. Definitief goeie paar lesse.
    Ek lees al op oor alles wat ek oor wonder vanaf ek die eerste les gesien het. Het ook gedink die Bitcoin is nonsens toe ek in verlede van dit gehoor het, maar ek hou van die wisselvalligheid.

  2. Dankie baie.
    Netjiese Mind Map. Ek maak notas dat dit by my ore uitkom – hoop ek kry die helfte ge-onthou!
    Voel so deurmekaar soos ‘n botteltjie kots in ‘n tuimeldroĆ«r… Just keep swimming!

  3. Hannes I got into crypto about the same time as you, myself and some partners started our own crypto project we are going to disrupt the medical data industry, data interestingly is currently the biggest financial asset class in the world, this training of yours is just stunning I am learning so much here thank you! I am pitching to some big investors this week and you have given me new found excitement and confidence!

  4. Hi Hannes. I can see you are very passionate and excited on what you can achieve and YOU can be in control like you always teach us that you must be in control. Hannes you are showing all these spread sheets and mind maps. What do I need to do to become an owner of all of this. You have got me just as excited as you are but I want to start doing the right thing from the start. Please help I am looking forward to your reply.

  5. Hi Hannes,
    Baie dankie dat Oom omgee om Oom se kennis en reis so vrylik te deel.
    Watse Mindmapping program gebruik Oom in hierdie video hierbo?

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