19 responses to “[DCT] Lesson 05”

  1. this is a very enlightening set of lessons on cryptocurrencies.
    I want to get involved and would like to know how I can get your program ?
    which platform do you suggest that I use and which service provider should I use?

  2. All of these big names investing in Crypto’s while at the same time driving price down by instigated negativity: Remember that they also work with a formula and that although it is massive sums that they invest, it is respectively a small portion of their total asset – which indicates to me that they are also not 100% sure of the success but reduce risk by investing a portion that they can stand to loose.

  3. Hi Hannes I opened my Luno account this time last year and left it be until this month when price is really low or perhaps going lower. .I would also appreciate if what you are going to send Victor please can the office email the same to me as well. I truly believe that crypto is going to be a real game changer in the future. Regards Lindsey

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