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  1. Hallo Hannes, Again you prove to us that the lower the risk the higher the profits and by taking responsibility for the risk you can reduce the risk drastically.

  2. Ek het nou al al die lesse gekyk, maar dalk is my IK te laag om dit heeltemal te verstaan. Ek sien uit na die volgende les Dr Dreyer.

  3. I am fascinated by the importance of the story.
    So significant, we are very fortunate and privileged to be part of your life and learning.

    I am only started with the lessons because as a school teacher we are most busy at the end of the year. I thank God that I have at last started.

  4. Hello Hannes
    This is very interesting. I too, believe the blockchain is a very important development in the world.
    It’s interesting that the BTC White paper appeared in 2008 when the fiat banking system crashed and waved a big flag right in front of us saying “it’s time to take wake up and take responsibility”.
    The change to our Constitution has changed the game in South Africa.
    Thank you for your usual very thorough insights.
    It’s time for serious consideration as I move into 2019.
    Enjoy your holidays.

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