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This is the fifth video of our Journey. Even though we still don’t know what product we are going to sell, we have identified the different types of informational products, and how many we need to sell at what price.

We also set our goal, to help us with our focus.

The five different informational product types and how many of each you have to sell in order to get to a goal of $100,000 per year or for example $8,500 per month

1 – Trigger Product – Less than $30
If you sell this product at $30, you need to sell 284 per month or 10 each day to reach your goal.

2 – Bread & Butter – Between $30 – $500
If you sell this product at $100, you need to sell 85 per month or 3 each day to reach your goal.

3 – Modulated Courses – Between $500 – $3,500
If you sell this product at $2,00, you need to sell 4 per month or 1 each week to reach your goal.

4 – Memberships Sites – Between $10 – $300 Per Month
If you sell a membership at $300, you need to sell 29 member is total to reach your goal.

5 – Big Ticket Items – Between $3,500 – $100,000
If you sell this product at $100, you need to sell 85 per month or 3 each day to reach your goal.

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Lara Jansen
Lara Jansen

Lara Jansen decided she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and teach the world about the Wealth Creators Strategy. She is currently following and implementing The Method themselves and in a short period of time achieve outstanding success.

    5 replies to "[JOURNEY 05] Different Types of Informational Products"

    • Avatar Elzet Blaauw

      Hi Hannes. It seems that Lara and Vincent have a skill or skills in mind which they feel they can sell as informational products. If we don’t have such a skill in mind, can we still do this exercise where we do a “gut feel” decision on what type of product we want to sell to do the calculation? Or do we first need to identify what skill we could sell? How do we go about identifying which skills are good to sell as informational products?

      • Dr. Hannes Dreyer Dr. Hannes Dreyer

        First Identify the skills, and if you can’t learn a skills, but chances are high you already have a skills that you can turn into an informational product, example a woodworker has the skills and can share those tips and knowledge through an ebook. Anything can sell as an informational product, the key is to make sure you have what the market wants, and not force your product on the market.

        • Avatar Elzet

          Makes sense. Is this what you teach in the Rainmakers course?

          • Dr. Hannes Dreyer Dr. Hannes Dreyer

            no, in the rainmakers course we focus on all types of products, where here we will only focus on inforamtional products.

    • Avatar Elzet

      Why are you only focusing on informational products for Vincent and Lara? I know you mentioned that you only focus on informational products, but can’t remember that you said why that is a good choice for their specific goal.

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