These are the Tools and Pages we use to succeed.

This is our sixth video in our wealth creation journey.  In this video we discuss the different types of tools and pages we use to succeed as well as the page sequence and how to use them.

There are four main types of pages that we normally use.  The first type is optin pages that consists of an optin form and a reason why they should optin.  They can follow and add or a link in an email to get to an optin page.

The second type is content pages that contains facts, articles or blog posts.

The third type is sales pages that can be either a short or a long sales letter or even a video.  You can also use launch pages which can contain for example a series of videos like an introduction video, a blueprint video, a question and answer video and a sales video with a buy button at the end.

The fourth type is order pages where you get them to fill in their details to purchase your product.

There are three tools we use to control these pages.  A web page builder like WordPress or Leadpages, etc.  The second tool is automated systems like Infusionsoft, Icontact, etc.  The third tool is Videos.

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Lara Jansen
Lara Jansen

Lara Jansen decided she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and teach the world about the Wealth Creators Strategy.