How To Apply The

Universal Wealth Laws
To Create A Life Of Abundance:

Becoming Keenly Aware Of The Universal Laws And How To Apply Them To Create A Life Of Financial Freedom And Abundance Is The First Step For Receiving It

Introduction To The Universal Wealth Laws

The Universal Laws are the missing link between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

They are the original operating system that we were born with.

In simple terms they control the flow of energy.

This means that they regulate how subatomic particles or waves behave and therefore are applicable both to the spiritual or metaphysical world as well as the physical or the Newtonian worlds.

The question then is why is it so important that you understand how they govern everything that we do or even what we think about?

These laws are there to protect us on condition that you know them and apply them in your life.

But before you apply them you must first become aware of them and how and what they are and how they operate.

By now we know that when we talk in terms of the universal laws – I am also going to refer to them as the spiritual laws or the metaphysical laws or the laws of nature – these laws are unwavering and unchanging principles that govern every aspect of the universe.

They are the means by which our world or the entire cosmos continues to exist to thrive and to expand.

These laws govern quantum physics and are the basics of everything we experience in the world.

The great thing about these laws is that you don’t actually need to know precisely what they are and how they work.

Even if you are not aware of them or that they exist they are always working – every second of every day, whether you are consciously aware of them or not.

In essence the universal laws are the governing powers that determine – without fail – every aspect of creation.

That includes all the events and all the conditions, all the circumstances, all the experiences that you and everyone in the world experience at any specific time.

Even thoughts – every single thing…

Just like electricity and gravity, the Newtonian setup (Natural Laws) makes no distinction or judgment as to who they work for.

The universal wealth laws operate in exactly the same precise immutable and unwavering fashion.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you are young or old or male or female or South African or American or British. Your religion is also totally irrelevant, whether Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Atheists.

The universal laws of wealth operate in a very specific and predictable manner all of the time.

And as a result – through developing and awareness of how they work and consciously aligning your attention, your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions with them, in other words this focused energy that we talk about in The Formula for Riches® – you can and will begin to experience outcomes that many believe to be unrealistic or unreachable or even impossible.

But there is something else that you need to know before we start looking at some of these laws and how they operate and how they can benefit us

These laws don’t judge.

They don’t make distinction as to what you believe, but provide outcomes in the exact proportion to the pride and the quality of belief held.

The Bible says: “If you believe, you will receive…”

This means that the result or the outcome can be positive as well as negative and that is 100% going to depend on you and your belief systems.

It is absolutely vital that we understand this.

In other words, the outcome can be positive or negative.

The way that you think is the way that the universe is going to give it to you.

Any falsely formed belief will show up in your belief system as a resistor – and I am now going to discuss the resistor’s story in the Law of Belief – so this false belief or resistor will manifest, consciously or unconsciously, as physical outcomes in the way of events, conditions, circumstances, in exact proportions (precisely) to the beliefs and the perceptions that you hold.

Whether these beliefs or thoughts will serve or harm you, is totally irrelevant to the application of the universal laws.

Most people that are battling or that are poor or that are unhappy in life, are unconsciously attracting and drawing into their lives more of what they consciously claim they choose not to experience.

The information that I am sharing with you, will allow you to at first develop an unshakable awareness of the incredible power of these simple truths, that we call the universal laws or the metaphysical laws, and secondly assist you in developing your own strategy, the Wealth Creators Strategy™, to recognize, to override and to replace the resistance – these conflicting and self-sabotaging beliefs – which serve as the underlying cause for consistent and conscious and self-limiting thoughts and perceptions.

In other words – all these thoughts that keep you from achieving your dreams and your goals.

Simply by applying the Wealth Creators Strategy™, you will discover the immutable and unwavering governing power of the infinite supply of all that is, was and always will be available to you.

You will begin to experience for yourself what it means to really live – free of bondage, free of self-doubt and free of worry and anxieties.

You will discover beyond a shadow of doubt, that you were intended to live a life of total abundance in all seven areas of life, determined by only you, because of the way that you choose.

This extends far beyond the scope of your current self-imposed boundaries and limited imagination…

In this series of articles (book), I’m only going to show you how to apply the Universal Wealth Laws as a Wealth Creator in order to create Financial Freedom and live a life of abundance.

To make it easier for you to apply all the universal laws or wealth without knowing them all, I will show you an easy-to-follow strategy, something that I’ve applied in my life that is really working for me and that I know is going to work for you.

I am going to give you the shortcut, but I’m only going to give it to you right at the end, because I first want you to understand and get the feel of how these laws operate.

But before we discover these Universal Wealth Laws let’s first backtrack a little… to the statement I referred to earlier in this chapter…

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Funny thing about life is that our own achievements are directly linked to our beliefs.

The adage “as a man think, so he is” is never more true and relevant, than when it comes to financial freedom.

Belief systems which had very often been programmed into you at a very young age by outside influences can ultimately prove to be either very beneficial or very damaging to you.

In a series of articles (book) I am going to introduce you to the Universal Laws to give you some practical advice on how it applies in life and how they are incorporated in the Formula For Riches® and the Wealth Creators Strategy™

It is essential that one understands the wide impact which these belief systems have in your life, in order to be able to recognize them and to change those which are sabotaging your efforts to grow.

First let us have a very brief look at where some of these belief systems originate.

There are many different sources, which influence your own personal belief systems. I mention here but a few, which are likely to affect your belief systems.

  • Parents and/or Care givers
  • Family, friends and other social circles
  • School
  • Religion
  • Mass media and Advertising
  • Government
  • Financial institutions etc.

The scariest fact regarding all these, however, is that:

Your strongest belief-systems had already been developed between the ages of 0 – 7 years of age – a time when you had very little, if any, control over what you got taught, told, or even led to believe or experience.

But why is it that I refer to this as being a scary fact?

Well, consider that before the age of seven, your brain was like a sponge.

It simply collected all of the information about what was going on around you, having had no way of determining what would be beneficial to you and what not.

It simply absorbed it all.

During this absorption process, emotions, feelings and beliefs became associated to certain experiences and what you were being taught directly and indirectly as a result, forming the basis from which your own internal belief system began to develop and grow.

The problem with this is that at that young age you had no control over the form and direction this process acquired and, furthermore, most of it was based on other people’s beliefs, ideas, situations and ‘truths’ – and might still be!

Perhaps now you are beginning to get the picture as to how flawed your own belief system might be as a result of the inputs that you received at a very young age.

What is even more serious is the fact that this process never actually stops until you become aware of it and take the responsibility to actually filter what is fed into your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind will do everything in its power (and it is very powerful) in order to manifest whatever exists in your belief-systems into your actual reality, or, as I like to refer to it, ‘Your Truth’ will become your life.

Understanding this one very simple concept is likely to be a life changing experience for many people, so, pay close attention and really grasp what was just being said here, for it is literally of vital importance to you!


In order to help you get a few ideas as to some of the flawed belief-systems which very often make up part of many people’s ‘truths’ (due to us all having been raised to believe many of the same things, not only by our parents, but by the surrounding system as well)

Let us have a look at just two of the commonly believed myths and their effects on the individual, regarding creating a life of financial freedom.

Myth # 1: “You Need Money In Order To Make Money!”

This is a very common belief and, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous. Yet, still, it is one of the many untrue notions that are commonly doing the rounds everyday and everywhere.

As I have already proven more than 52 times over the last 10 years by starting multi million Rand businesses and investments without any money, this myth could not be further from the truth. (You can see proof of this in The Wealth Creators Blueprint Course)

The main flaw of this belief is that it destroys one’s focus, leads to a massive wasting of time and energy, and it literally keeps people poor.

The reason I say this is quite simple: the moment this myth becomes part and parcel of your belief-system, your focus is automatically primarily directed at making money and removed from possibly one of the most important ‘golden rules’ of creating financial freedom, namely: to add enormous value to those whom you serve.

The moment this happens, your focus is completely misdirected and many of your efforts will be in vain and produce very little results.

I truly believe that this leads to the birth of an opportunity seeker, someone who knows nothing about true wealth creation and chases aimlessly after the next ‘quick fix’ or ‘silver bullet’, with only a hope to make their dreams come true.

Unfortunately, this approach will always lead to little more than burnout, frustration and stress.

The only way to really achieve amazing results is not by pouring more and more money into your project, but in effect to focus on adding as much value to those that you serve and the only way you can do that is to improve your own competency level.

I have proven in the past that money will always flow from the lower to the higher value, so if you are able to add immense value, money will automatically flow to you, without the need to inject incredible amounts of your own money into your efforts

It all starts with assuming responsibility and learning the skill sets (or competency) necessary to be effective and not just “busy”.

To build wealth is actually very simple and straightforward: You need the right information, in the right order, for the level of the game you’re currently at. And then just do it.

In short, in order to become successful you must know when to do what.

Creating wealth is something anybody can do if their INTENT is strong enough and if they have a proven blueprint that they can follow that will tell them when to do what.

With the right blueprint (system) they should be able to identify all the skill sets they need to learn for the level of the game they are currently at, and to be effective and to measure their results.

One of the major problems here is that, if you do not know at what level you are at, you will waste time, effort and money because you will not know what skill-sets to focus on in order to get the best possible outcome, taking your limited resources into consideration.

Another problem most people face is the fact that they are conditioned to belief that they need more money instead of more competencies.

What they need to do is to focus on improving their competencies – this means they must acquire applied knowledge, real life experience and practical skills that they can apply so that they will get the results and outcomes that they want.

If you belief that you must have money to make money, because it is part of your subconscious makeup, your subconscious will do everything in its power to make your beliefs become your reality.

Therefore, if you are unaware of this, you will simply continue to focus on getting more information, but you will not take action or you will learn skills that you cannot apply in your circumstances and for the level of the game that you are at, simply because they are not the skills that are needed at that time and place.

So no only are the right competencies (skills, knowledge and experience) important to learn but you must also apply them in the right order or sequencing when it comes to investments and business.

If you belief that you must have money to make money in order to become rich, you will never be rich because your belief system will prove to you that you cannot make any money unless you have money.

Your subconscious mind will prove to you that your limited belief system is correct. (in other words you will NOT be able to use your competencies to start a business or investment without money)

Myth # 2: “I Need The Help Of Guru’s, Experts And Professionals To Help Me To Become Financially Free!

We have all been conditioned to believe that we are not capable to handle our own money matters. It is better to follow to the advice of the ‘professionals’ – especially when it comes to financial freedom.

The moment this is part of your belief system, you are breaking the Formula for Riches®, because you are handing control of your results over to someone else.

Therefore, you do not have any power over the process anymore and thus will not be able to either make it happen or be able to take responsibility for your success.

This means that one should go to every length to master the skill sets to invest – to learn how to let your money work for you instead of you working for your money.

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When you take the responsibility to acquire a new skill set, you will experience the benefit of personal growth and you are also more able to understand the benefits and the negatives of your decision and you will have control over it.

Once again, the importance of investing your efforts into yourself, in order to understand the truth and learn new skills, clearly comes to the fore.

When you rely on others to do something because you cannot do or understand it, then you are placing yourself at risk.

How will you be able to determine whether they are doing what is expected of them? When you have not control, how can you determine the outcome?

As a Wealth Creator, I do not like to take risk, because it is risk that destroys success when it comes to any type of business or even relationships.

Be alert and disallow limiting beliefs into your mind.

By now, you should be able to think of numerous other myths, which could also quite easily be unsubstantiated here.

All of these are very negative and destructive when it comes to your wealth creation efforts.

Once again, it all boils down to not simply accept everything on face value.

In essence, you need to be willing to take the responsibility to actually go in search of the truth, even if it means you will have to take some time to analyze your own belief systems and then to change those that can hinder your ability to grow and master the art of making money and let your money work for you.

Far too often we use these misguided belief systems as a crutch.

Then we blame them for our inability to grow and to be the best.

Once you are aware that these are simply myths with no foundation, it becomes your responsibility to learn the truth and to let go of them and the negative effects they are having on your wellbeing and finances.

True Wealth Creators understand the importance of this and will never base their belief systems on assumptions.

They will not accept everything, which they have been taught as the truth.

They will steer clear of assumptions and opinions and they will look at the results.

They know results will reflect the truth.

Our belief systems are also very closely connected to our emotions and this is another great pitfall for many who want to become financially free and live a life of abundance.

They do not know or understand the Law of Emotion and how to apply it to their situation and therefore they allow their decisions and performance to be controlled by assumption and emotion.

As a Wealth Creator, I have learned that one cannot base one’s strategies or techniques on assumptions.

It is a mistake that most people make when they try to create, preserve and enjoy their wealth.

One should base your financial freedom decisions on proven techniques and systems, in other words, look at the facts and do not make assumptions.

Making assumptions creates a recipe for failure and disaster and it is one of the main reasons why I had always put so much time and effort into developing tried and tested wealth systems and techniques.

These were then incorporated into the Wealth Creator’s Strategy™, in order to have a definite and organized strategy on which to base my efforts.

The next important aspect to remember when trying to understand your belief systems and testing whether what you believe is true or not, is to have a look at The Universal Wealth Laws and ascertain whether your beliefs contradict these laws or not.

These laws are not taught in universities or schools, but taking cognizance of them is something that changed my entire life the moment I understood it.

I had always been highly fascinated by understanding learning processes and the moment I discovered these laws, I found that I was even learning more in one day than I had been able to learn over many years prior to discovering the laws.

I finally understood that by applying these Wealth Laws, I was actually beginning to see RESULTS.

As a Wealth Creator, I know that it is truly only ever the results which count – not the theory, nor the unproductive techniques which are being taught in the mainstream avenues of learning.

It is essentially your ability to understand these laws and then develop the necessary skill sets accordingly that will empower you to become a Wealth Creator.

Skills based on the Universal Wealth Laws will yield remarkable results, which will aid you in becoming the best in your industry.

We always need to remember that the measurement of your success is directly related to your own competency in founding your skills on the Universal Laws.

Your ability to do this correctly will produce results which will raise you above all the rest.

Many people have the misguided belief that one is born with certain skills and if one doesn’t have them, it is simply tough luck.

This could not be further from the truth.

Only your own personal intent and desire to learn, will determine whether you succeed or not, as any skill can be learned and mastered eventually.

To become a Wealth Creator is firstly a science.

Therefore, if you take the time to learn the science and the correct formulas and the LAWS that govern those formulas, the results you produce will be the same as anyone else’s who is following the same scientific formulas.

It is only after you have mastered the science, that it truly becomes an art form with you as its master.

In the comment section please share your take and experience regarding to the two myths that I have mentioned in this article…

Myth #1: “You Need Money In Order To Make Money!” &

Myth # 2: “I Need The Help Of Guru’s, Experts And Professionals To Help Me To Become Financially Free!”

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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.