The Truth About Property: Why Your Home May Be Your Worst Investment.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so challenging to achieve financial abundance, even if you work hard and have a job or a business?

Well, the answer lies in the system we’re in. If we don’t understand it, we can’t get ahead.

Recently, I was asked in an interview why so many hardworking people don’t break through financially, even after working for 40-45 years.

The presenter asked if the problem was with the person or the system. And let me tell you, it’s definitely the system.

The majority of people have no idea how the system operates. And if you don’t understand how something works, you’ll have a serious problem.

The system is intentionally set up to keep the average person poor and prevent them from understanding how to break free.

It’s like being enslaved to the system. And what is a slave? It’s someone who works for someone else without any compensation.

The educational, financial, and political systems are all used to keep us enslaved to the system.

They work together to keep us from understanding how the system operates. Once we understand this, we can start the process of breaking free.

The next time you feel like you’re struggling to achieve financial abundance, remember that it’s not your fault. The system is intentionally designed to keep you enslaved.

But, now that you know this, you can start taking steps to break free and live a life of abundance.

Let me give you an example, let’s look at property.

While most people think that property is a great investment, I’m here to tell you that for the average person, the worst investment you can make is your own house. I know this might be hard to hear, but it’s important to understand the truth.

In fact, in South Africa, it’s often far better to rent than to buy. Why?

Because there are two or three ways that the system uses to get you in the system, and the first step is to condition you.

The quickest way to do this is by giving you a credit card. The second way is by convincing you to buy a car.

Most people will buy a car before they even consider buying a house. And then the third way is by encouraging you to buy a property.

Now, I want to make it clear that I am a property investor, and I love property. But the difference is that I understand the system, and I know how to invest in property while managing the risks involved.

It’s because of my successful investments in property that I was able to retire at the age of 37.

So, if you have the time and energy, I’d like to take you through this process and use logical figures to show you how the system uses property to keep us enslaved.

Without understanding the figures, everything will be emotional, and we won’t see the results. And unless we can see the results, we cannot manage the outcome. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the process.

They steal your energy by giving you a salary that is less than the value of the energy you are providing. This is how the system enslaves people because you are working for someone else without receiving the full value of your energy.

And the way they keep you in the system is by making it difficult for you to break free.

For example, if you want to buy a house, you will need to take out a mortgage.

And the mortgage is designed in such a way that you end up paying much more than the value of the house over the course of the loan.

This means that you are actually paying more for the privilege of borrowing money.

The same principle applies to credit cards and car loans. They are designed to keep you in debt, so that you continue to work for someone else without ever being able to break free.

And the reason they want you to stay in debt is because it makes them money. The more debt you have, the more interest they can charge you.

So the key to breaking free from this system is to understand how it works.

You need to understand how the banks, the mortgage companies, and the credit card companies are making their money off of you.

And once you understand that, you can start to take steps to break free from their grasp.

This is where the Wealth Creators Strategy comes in. It is all about using your limited resources in the most intelligent way possible so that you can achieve financial freedom in the shortest possible time.

And the way to do that is by investing in assets that generate income, such as property.

But in order to do that successfully, you need to have the skills and knowledge to make smart investments.

You need to understand how to analyze the market, how to evaluate properties, and how to manage your investments effectively. And that is where education comes in.

By educating yourself about investing, you can acquire the skills and knowledge you need to make smart investments that will generate income and help you achieve financial freedom.

And once you have achieved financial freedom, you will no longer be working for someone else without compensation. Instead, you will be in control of your own destiny, and you will be able to live the life you truly want.

Now let me break down some important information about the financial system that people need to know.

When it comes to buying a house or taking out a loan, it’s important to understand that the banks don’t actually use their own money.

Instead, they get permission from the Reserve Bank to print digital figures that cost them nothing. But, they charge you interest on that money – often a high percentage that only goes up over time.

The sad truth is that the financial system is designed to keep people in debt and struggling to make ends meet.

Banks, lawyers, insurance companies, and even the government benefit from our ignorance and often keep us in the dark about how the system really works.

But, it’s important to take responsibility and learn about these things for yourself.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but over time, the effort you put in to understand these things will pay off. You can make informed decisions, develop a critical mindset, and learn how to use your mind to create the outcomes you want in life.

So, don’t let the experts take advantage of you. Take the time to learn about the financial system and make informed decisions for your future.

I’ve recently taken on two challenges that I believe can demonstrate the impact of understanding the system and having the four high-value skillsets of a Wealth Creator.

The first challenge was a competition where a client would give R500,000 to two experts and see who would do the best over five years – one investing offshore and the other in South Africa.

I decided to take on a similar challenge but with only R100, and I made a video showing my plan to turn it into R500,000 within the first year using my skills and understanding of the system.

Some people doubted me, but now,

a little over a year later, I’ve grown that R100 to R3.6 million!

My next goal is to turn that same R100 into a property portfolio of R10 million without any bonds within five years, and to grow it to at least R20 million by investing in crypto and businesses.

But that’s not the only goal – I also want to outperform the best fund manager in the world by applying the Wealth Creators Strategy with a 100% success rate.

It’s a nice challenge to show people that even with nothing, they can be in the top half a percent of South Africans within five years if they have the skills and are willing to learn.

But that’s not all. On January 1st of this year (2023), I decided to use the Wealth Creators Strategy in a business sense to create a business that would give me at least R100,000 per month.

My goal is to have that business up and running within the next year by applying the same strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Wealth Creators Strategy, the Formula For Riches, and the unstoppable mindset that enables me to take on challenges like this, I invite you to attend my Masterclasses.

These typically run for two hours and include a Q&A session where you can ask any question related to the topic.

My passion is to teach the average person that they don’t have to stay in the rat race because they’ve been lied to so many times that they believe the lie.

If you’re serious about your future, join me, and I hope to see you in the webinar!

Develop an unstoppable mindset to become an unstoppable individual.


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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.