I made this brand new video for you and share with you the biggest hoax in the financial industry.


Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.

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    • Sas

      Een ding: Moet my assebief tog NET NIE van die databasis afhaal nie. 😉
      Dankie vat oom ook in my investeer. Mag ek nie (meer) teleurstel nie!

    • Robert H Meyer

      Great tutorial Hannes. Cannot wait for the next lesson.
      I’m forwarding your link to friends.


    • Luther Diedericks

      I am ready and determined to see it through to become a Wealth Creator. Indeed thankful for the experience and looking forward to the journey.
      Watching your daily video as soon as it arrives.

    • Ralph

      Thanks Hannes I was having typical conversation with friends about handing your money to experts.I told them that they need to take responsibility by getting the competencies.I still have long way to go but I totally get it
      I want to learn skills and take the responsibility myself to grow rich.

    • katlego

      Thank you Hannes

      Basically all of this people(Banks, investors companies) living in a fantasy world don’t know about this or they dare not tell us the truth cause someone stands a chance to loose?
      Do you think that if most of the ppl would know this and apply it the country would be better off?

      • Hannes Dreyer

        Of course it will! But most people won’t do it because of conditioning.

    • bonita jones

      Hi Hannes

      So much of what you say is nonsense is what my husband and I have done. we have diversified assets ie: 20% in sharesof which 70% held in SA and 30% held in US. We 2 properties in Johannesburg (one primary res) one farm, 3 properties in CT. one bought after watching your video 6 years ago that you don’t buy a property/business to make money when you sell it, so we have a high income student house and then 1 property in Chelsea London.(Rental returns in 2x CT and London properties are low because those particular properties are in prime areas)

      So, we are not at huge risk as we don’t have much debt. BUT we have spent a lot of spare money buying those properties with huge deposits so as not to have debt. I still believe we have not got the returns that the outlay warrants. Especially with maintenance costs of property.
      Over 10 years we have grown the value of the properties more than 6 times but as some are for our use and we don’t rent them out our income is not what we could live on. How could we have done it differently and certainly how would a person who doesn’t earn bonuses to put down on purchasing properties/shares have done it more efficiently? I would love your take and explanation for the “man in the street”.
      Regards Bonita Jones

      • Hannes Dreyer

        Bonita I plan to show the “man in the street” how easy it is if they take the responsibility to understand the truth.

    • Leander

      Thanks Dr. Dreyer I think we are being deceived and brainwash by these “so-called” Guru’s that we don’t want to believe anything else is possible, thank you again for these eye penting

      • Hannes Dreyer

        I Agree with you Leander. The problem is that if we do not belief them then we have a problem and that is to take responsibility for our own future.
        It is easier to blame than to take responsibility and for that reason most people prefer not to think for themselves but rather to trust the experts.

    • Bertus Nieuwenhuis

      Goeiedag Hannes

      Jy het my aandag. Wil graag weet HOE?
      Hoor graag op volgende videos.



      • Hannes Dreyer

        Voor jy kan weet hoe Bertus moet jy eers uitvind wat en hoekom. Die hoe gaan nie sin maak as die “basics” nie in plek is nie.

    • theo cilliers

      great Hannes

    • Wicus

      Thanks Hannes. The system wants to keep as ignorant and make us believe that only they have the know how to make money – that is how they make money from ignorant people! Invest in yourself and start creating your own wealth. Most people will not allow other people who they do not really know to drive their expensive car, BUT we give our money away to financial advisors to invests our hard own money! That does not make sense…

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