I made this brand new video for you and share with you the biggest hoax in the financial industry.


Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.

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    • Vaughon

      Hi Hannes

      Hierdie responsibility storie lol mense is so gecondition van kleins af om te blame, en dis funny want elke dag hoor ek die stories, dis nie my skuld nie want….

      Dis nou al n game vir my wanner iemand dit se begin ek hulle net vra hoekom, en na ek dit so 5 of 6 keer in een conversation gevra het kom dit altyd terug na…. Sien jy as jy net responsibility gevat het sou ons nou nie hierdie chat gehaad het nie hahahah

      Nou as ek daai mense vra hoe gaan dit vandag se hulle net baie goed dankie lol in die verlede was dit altyd goed maar dit of dat het gebeur en blah blah blah

      Die punt is even in mense se elke dag lewe soek hulle n rede om te sE dis nie my skuld nie want …

      In my experience die enigste verskoning wat mens terug hou om n werklike wealth creator te word is …
      EK WIL NIE. Thats it.

      Anyway cool video Ek leer nog elke keer baie
      Student for life !!

      • Hannes Dreyer

        Stem met jou Vaughon
        Die probleem is dat as hulle dit nie weet nie sal hulle nie verander nie- so ons job is om hulle te help om dit in te sien dat hulle nie verantwoordelikheid vat nie want volgens hulle dink hulle dat hulle dit wel doen.

    • Clint adams

      Thanks Dr Hannes I will b following you everyday.

    • Brendon Brown

      Hannes, you know I’m a believer and I had a full on stand up fight with an accountant not 2 months ago about this!! I could not believe he couldn’t get it. I drew pictures. I used real money as an example. I showed him my spreadsheets and he’s entrusted to look after other peoples money and on top of that was starting a venture capital fund to deploy other people’s money for them!!! AND HE COULDN’T GET THIS CONCEPT! It scared the daylights out of me.
      How do you hold these types of people accountable? How do we create a movement around this topic to stop this! The FSB actively says that their kak is there to protect the investors, yet I see very few people going to jail for losing all investors money and giving them terrible returns for decades!

      • Hannes Dreyer

        Some people will get it and others will not get it no matter how much you try to convince them. The best is to ignore them and help those who want and need your help.
        The problem with the FSB is that if the investor sign on the dotted line he accepts all the the risk so the “advisor” and the fnancial institution (that is accredit with them) is in the clear if he or she followed protocol.

    • George

      Hannes ek het in begin 2014 ‘n eiendom gekoop vir R290k. 100% verband. R15k regskostes en verbandfooi. Die week offer gekry vir R370k. Skuld nog die bank R265k. As ons offer aanvaar sal ons R85000 ontvang. Ek het uitgewerk dat die total hoeveelheid geld wat ek ek uit my sak in die belegging ingesit het die laaste 40 maande was R40000. Is ek reg as ek se dat die groei wat ek ontvang het op die geld wat ek in die belegging ingesit het was 212% oor 40 maande? Die vraag is nou hoe kry n mens die tipe groei waarvan jy praat en hoe maak n mens seker dat n mens oor 5 jaar van nou finansieel onafhaklik is van n voltydse werk. Het al Property pro investment course gedoen maar sukkel om te doen wat jy reg kry. Wens ek kon stap vir stap iemand kry om my te mentor of te help om die finominale groei geleenthede te benut. Enige advies?

      • Hannes Dreyer

        George wat is die IRR?
        Jy praat van ROI (212%) en dit gaan jou nie ryk maak nie.
        Hoekom sou jy die eiendom gekoop het as die IRR kleiner gewees het as jou FFGR?
        Gaan terug en doen die kursus weer en volg die stappe. Maak seker jy doen die voorbeelde en kry 100% vir hulle.
        As jy nogsteeds daarna ‘n probleem het kan jy my kontak.

        • George

          Dankie Hannes – Nou weer besig om deur alles te werk. Ek hou jou op hoogte. Groete, George

    • Roxy Marosa

      Thank you Dr Dreyer. I met you at a Mind Power Seminar in Cape Town. I was moved then and I’m moved by your videos now. I have Roxy Marosa Anti-Aging Skin Care. I am passionate about beauty and healthy skin so I watch your videos for inspiration for my business. However I am very stuck because I have to live and have business costs. I am surviving month to month. I have been able to buy property which I pay a bond for. I wish I didn’t have to pay a bond, so I tell myself to pay a little extra to finish it quicker.

      What I want to learn is the formulas you mentioned of IGR must be greater than FFRG in my business; be able to work towards my growth in 10 yrs and achieve it. I watch your videos every time because you do mention property and business. So I listen to apply this in my business. I have not afforded to come on your programs and I wish to. That is the responsibility and investment I need to make to myself. It is so easy to live a mediocre life. But I am very worried about my future because I do not afford to safe. I am very thankful for being on your database.

      • Hannes Dreyer

        There is a big difference between wish to do something and to do something. You wish to have a great business but you are not willing to do something to have a great business…

    • samson

      thanks Hannes for the info,but one does not know were to start because age has caughtup with me 66yrs old

      • Hannes Dreyer

        Read the Col Saunders story of KFC – “On the 1st day of retirement he received a cheque from the Government for $105. He felt that the Government was saying that he couldn’t provide for himself.” He felt like a failure & decided to commit suicide. He sat writing his will, but instead, he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life & thought about how good of a cook he was. So he borrowed $87 fried up some chicken using his recipe, went door to door to sell. At age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Empire was a billionaire.”

    • Leonie Von Möllendorff

      Good to be next to the Fire again! Glad I am not the effect of No 1’s shenanigans, weak rand, global economy etc. Thanks Hannes for un- confockulating (tm Hannes Dreyer) us! Regards, Leonie

    • Mukhtaar

      Dear Hannes,

      Thank you for the insight , I have been following you for some time now and learn more and more each day .

      Just a quick question. All this hoax regarding the country being in junk status and all this is obviously a diversion of the real problem . Is the real problem still mind control to brain wash the people or is there something bigger this time ?


    • Petri

      Thank you, Hannes, for this course.
      I think I’m finally over running after the mirage of an oasis created by the system. I want freedom and I want to be a Wealth Creator. I’m really looking forward to the journey.

      Ready for the next video!

    • Sabelo

      Thanks for the reminder Hannes. We need more of these….please 🙂

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