I turn 60 in 97 days, and over the next 97 days I would like to offer you a gift that will change your life forever.

I made this 20-minute video to tell you more about it.


Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.

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    • Ndumiso

      Thank you Dr Hannes I’m revived. The good thing about this is that today is my birthday and I wasn’t a very good one but I’m only watching the video now and it 23:29 I’m excited and interested thank you so much

    • Tebogo leshabane, PhD

      I failed to act as your student wherein I had to sidestep your turning of 99cents into more than 10 million project.

      I require an opportunity for mentorship and truly in need of your intervention, I am amongst the pupils you aspired into Weakth Creation and attended your property wealth creation in Pretoria in2006/7.

      Currently I bought 6 properties and still lack an Irr positive.

      Await your advisory comment,

      • Hannes Dreyer

        What is the IRR on each of the 6 properties?
        I never promised that you would get infinite IRR’s unless you have the competencies.
        Why did you buy 6 properties knowing that they are not infinite if that was what you wanted?
        Why did you not improve your skillsets?

    • Andries

      More Hannes,

      Baie dankie vir jou geskenk. Ek volg graag die volgende 97 dae.

    • Chris Venter

      Hi Hannes,

      I just watched this video and thought to share this.

      Last Friday the 7th, Tina and I went to the bank to pay off one off our investment properties.

      This was a crazy and interesting journey and a lot of it was with your help and the courses you present.

      My sights is on paying off the next property, and then the next.

      Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom.


    • Bertus Nieuwenhuis

      Goeiedag Hannes

      Lekker om weer na n positiewe en passievolle mens te luister wat n positiewe verskil maak in ons land vandag.

      Dankie vir jou kennis en ervaring wat jy met ons deel.


    • Dan Matsapola

      Thank you for the perfect gift Hannes, it is well received and much appreciated. As you turn 60 I turn 41 and am financially independent through following your methods. I have “graduated” from your Mentorship program in September 2010 and have been applying the wealth creators strategy in my life with extraordinary results. I have even developed the confidence to set a personal goal to create a brand new R10 million “estate” over the next 5 years by applying the lessons you have taught me and in the process become financially free with R100 000 passive income per month after all costs are deducted. All this thanks to your teaching and mentorship.

    • Sandiso delicious notununu

      Proffesor,i have been a policeman for thirty years i could not cope with my debt of three hundred and fifty thousand i have now resigned and hope to get my money as little as one point five million sometimes in June.Old Mutual promises to invest the money for me and get monthly income .Igrow asked me to buy a house for nine hundred thousand and get monthly growth of seven hundred thousand. I want to be financial free from now i believe i need to square up my debts and credit free and meet with you in order to create my portfolio an be financial free. I am born in Eastern Cape and live in Eastern Cape .I have read your pdf you have become my role model can you please assist me . I ve applied for a Postnet franchise and i will be in Joburg on the 22nd April and i wish i could meet you

      • Hannes Dreyer

        I do not give advice
        What will the IRR be on the property?
        And what is the IRR on the business?

    • Richard

      Hi Hannes

      I am thankful i did your property course and other.
      Our Property Portfolio has grown from about R270,000 to now on R5 Million.
      Our income has grown from R12,000pm (was employed) to over R100,000 per month.
      Still growing new skill sets, which constantly bring down the risks in our Property Portfolio.
      Our Property Portfolio gives my wife and i the time to do our Passion, which is Personal, Spiritual and Financial Transformation on our 55 Students, using World Class Strategies (including yours)to help willing ones to become more effective and efficient in Life! I don’t think we would be living our dreams if it was not for you! I feel i have been given many lives in this lifetime!…not just one life…tee hee
      Love to Tanya and the Family
      Richard & Ingrid

      • Hannes Dreyer

        Thanks Richard
        It is a privilege to be able to live several lifetimes in one
        Keep up the good works

    • Ncamsile Matia

      my I be included in your 97 days of training please

    • Leon P de Beer

      Ek sal graag wil deel in jou geskenk oor die volgende 97 dae en te

      leer waaroor jy so entoesiasties is. Groete. Leon

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