Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.

    42 replies to "[Day 01] Financial Goal: Do you think it is possible to get a SUV for free?"

    • Monde Mathebula

      Well I think you can cause everything about the agreement and not about money. Money is the thing that makes us people to avoid making agreements.

    • Grace

      Hi Hannes

      I think it is possible. If i have the right knowledge of how to do and and develop the right mindset. Do calculations before i buy.

    • Raymond Johnston

      Hi Hannes
      I would love to hear how to get a R1000,000 SUV for free, and yes! I do believe that it is possible.
      Best regards,
      Raymond Johnston
      Consortium Capital Development Partners

    • Philisiwe

      I dont think so cause garages are making business or if you lucky to enter a competition n win it whilst others steal other peoples cars. Im not sure how unless also you trade in other valuable cars for that one SUV.


    • Leon Scott

      It is possible. Start a business using the Rainmakers skills, grow it to level 4 and then decide whether there is enough money for buying a million rand vehicle. Just as a side note, it also depend on what your financial priorities will be.

    • Nagandran Naidoo

      Not possible at this time, I am sure you have a plan in mind.

    • Rob Picton

      Yes, you can buy a car for free. But not a new one (in my view). If you buy a 3 year old car, you typically pay 60 perc of the first sticker price. Finance some equity that has grown in an investment property and pay cash for the car. The interest that you are now paying on the finance is tax deductable against the rentals. So over time, that is 40 percent off what you paid. In addition, you can depreciate the captial (and running) costs of the car against your business km’s. Say your business travel is 70 percent, the calc is = Input cost * 0.7 (business travel)* 0.4 (marginal rate) = 28 percent of the cost. So now you have a total of 40 percent + 28 percent discounted off the cost of the car = 68 percent. You drive the car for 4 years and then sell. You sell the now 7 year old car for about 30 percent of the sticker price. But thats ok, cos you paid 60 percent of the sticker price and have got back about 68 perc of what you paid from the tax man. Maybe the car even pays you money! But on a brand new car the depreciation is too fast to run cost flow positive….

    • Sandra

      Hi Hannes

      Thank you for including me in your latest exciting challenge.

      I believe you can do it from the results you have had with all your other challenges. I am also an Audi fan and would love to see how you do it and then apply your ideas. Your mindset is an inspiration to all.
      Enjoy the test drive.

      Many thanks and kind regards

    • John Ruggeri

      Good day Hannes,

      Well I think that NOTHING is impossible for you.

      Ok this is not the answer you are expecting, so here goes.

      Through your study material I have turned what I thought was very difficult into a reality.

      Long ago I made a list of goals & power goals as you had taught us, and one goal was marked as a 10 in difficulty & desirability was at a 10, although I thought that this would happen in the far away future.
      You see, I had a great desire to visit my son as it was 9 years ago that I had last seen him.
      My friends, a family of husband & wife & 3 dogs & 1 cat needed accommodation for 6 months as the place they rented was sold, and they were waiting for their new house to be finished being built.
      I re-arranged rooms and made space and we negotiated a rental figure and together with my 3 dogs, I sub-letted.
      After 6 months I had enough money for a free flight to Zealand plus a gift plus spending money.
      I had enough money left over to get new tyres for my car.

      So Hannes, a definite YES.

      Lekker naweek vir jou en jou vrou en kinders meneer.


    • Lizzie Ramokgonami

      Yes I think it’s possible though I don’t know how at this stage. But having attended your seminars and listened to many of your webinars and videos….I now believe that with the right knowledge and expertise and proper application of the knowledge and expertise all things are possible! I’m hungry for more empowerment with the necessary knowledge. .

    • Miranda

      It is not possible for me right now but for people like you it is possible because you have the skills to be able to do that. I am still learning the skill, once I have mastered that, I will be able to get it

    • Jonas

      Hi Dr. Hannes,

      Very interesting but challenging video, thank you for posting it .

      Yes, I concur that I can get SUV for free.

      One way is to build a business and use the profit to finance the car but this really requires a whole lot of perseverance and hard work.

      The most easiest way to acquire free SUV is by acquiring properties or doing trading in stock markets whereby I can then use the profit to finance my SUV. This method is very easy to do and follow especially after attending seminars and classes related to it.


      Kind regards,

    • Fransie

      Anything is possible for Hannes Dreyer but not for the rest of us.

    • Kabelo

      Hi Hannes

      I have just started with WCU and I am seriously having a paradigm shift. But I don’t think I have reached a level where I can say that I believe I can get an SUV for free. If you can please show me.

      Otherwise I can not, if I could I would be driving Mercedes Benz GLE. I can’t get it for free because Mercedes Benz won’t give their products without making profit

    • Glen Jordaan

      I certainly do not know any method by which i could get a car for free.

    • Relebohile

      Yes, you can get a SUV for free. I believe that everything we need has been provided for though I am not sure how to go about it beyond attracting it through thought but i believe it too. Still trying to figure out how to actually manifest it but i will be sharing as soon as I have a clear way figured out.

    • Logic

      Hard work is everything

    • Danie

      It is not possible to get a car or any asset for free. That is unless you plan to steal it..! There is a price or consideration on all products or services.

    • Andries Coetzee

      Dit klink onmoontlik Dr.Hannes maar ek volg.Ek kan doen met n SUV hier in die Oos Kaapse berge.

    • Buhle Mahole

      Honestly. I think it’s not possible. Everything costs something and it is unlikely that a person will give you a car worth that much for free

    • Koos

      It is not possible to get a car for free. You first need to earn the money, then you can buy the SUV. Regards, Koos

    • Mgevisa

      Yes it is Possible, I am real estate investor who has recently started out, my partner and I started putting deals on houses using Subject to methods, Rent To Buy flipping and Subject to existing loan where we take over the property. It has been quiet a challenge but we are starting to see the light. I attended your property seminar in Lyttelton Centurion. It was an eye opener As Soon As WE get our first deal I will apply for your Property Pro Formula. It is better to learn from people who have done it than work with people particularly real estate agents who believe it cannot be done. I had to do a great deal of research concerning how to acquire property with little or no money down. Thanks for your lessons on intrinsic value. Without YOU, Joe Crump and John Lee I would never had had the guts to go into property unless I believed that I had to go to “skool” again just to become an agent and work for penny commissions. thanks! Please through in a “free Gift” lol

    • mark mitchell

      I don’t believe it’s imposible to get an SUV for free. I believe you could if you had the knowledge but I don’t so I couldn’t tell you how.

    • Andre

      Hannes after reading a lot of your documents especially the mentor’s course which I am busy with again presently I am in week 11 touching on goal setting I will definitely say YES it is possible. Unfortunately, there is a BUT question. But why do I not have a brand new SUV to the value of R1,8 Million for free if I say yes? To answer this BUT question. I do not set proper goals for my self and I also do have a list but not a power list. You do have excellent courses like the Power Morphing and even the mentor’s course and your very excellent procrastination course but there is always the little voice that keeps me from really setting a proper goal. I will always start with the goal but never see it through.
      Do you have a goal setting course which is similar to the rainmakers course or similar to the 91 perfect day course but where I as the student must give feedback on my day regarding my goals and what did I do to get closer to reach my goal? and to track my progress.

      Kind regards

    • Simphiwe

      I think you can not get an SUV for free.

    • Herman

      No way you can get it for free

    • Andrew

      Hel Hannes,
      ek sal darem bitter graag ook so Galandewagen verniet wil optel. Ek sal graag die storie wil volg. Dinge is moeiliker vir party van ons om te verstaan.

      Julle sien ry met die silwer wa Vrydag, lyk baie goed.

    • Hendrik Brink

      Maybe get it for free by getting someone else to pay for it by offering it as a service in a business?

    • Che

      I think it’s a SARS tax loophole that lets the taxman pay the car for you when claim for maintenance etc..

    • ndishavhelafhi

      No,we need to purchase it either by cash or by loan from the bank.

    • Uwe Kahl

      Hi Hannes, I think this is possible, but need to learn the skills from you. Groetnis Uwe

    • Tinashe pardon Sithole

      i say u cannot get a SUV for free because it is being sold for a certain price and cant certainly see a business posibility that can make the suv pay for itself

    • Nelson Marule

      I think is possible, only if you believe and taking actions towards obtaining the car.

    • Angus Faull

      No. I can’t do it. But Yes, I suspect that you can. I am I and you are you. It depends if you are a certain kind of person.

    • Uwe Kahl

      More Hannes! After my 1st respond to your challenge dated 25 Sept, thought of another option, to purchase the SUV through an additional project (purchase another property and the passive income handles that), but you have to wait until it generates the income. The 2nd option as you wish, to purchase it now and could come from your own BANK put aside. Sal aanhou dink, tot jy met ons jou finale opsie deel! Groetnis Uwe

    • Alessandro

      If one applies the skills and the competency then yes. However, if one lacks such competency then it is not.

    • Christo

      I believe it is possible. First thing to do is a change of mindset. Believe in yourself is the second thing. Last what precise is the meaning of getting a car for free, any car. I remember the challenge you took on years ago to buy a car, then if I remember correctly, you started a business. I think however, or should I say, skills are more the answer to the “problem”

    • Glen

      Yes I think it is possible. I think you would have to invest in yourself first, learn the skill sets and be able to apply the Formula for Riches

    • samson sehwana

      its impossible ,it could a dream come true ,unless u offer your current house as security,

    • J Botha

      No, property yes. Cars no.

    • Martine


    • Lulama Mhlongo

      Yes its very possible,just apply the formula for Riches

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