The Truth About VAT

I made a 6-minute video to explain that if you are paying income tax in South Africa, then the VAT you are paying, is much more than the 15% SARS wants you to believe.

This is one of the techniques to keep the middle class in a state of confokulation*

* “Confokulate is a state of mind when you do not know, what you are supposed to know.”

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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.