1. How Can I Improve All Or Any Aspects Of My Life?

Anything you want to do, should count – and the same goes for when you want to set goals. They should be quantified.

For instance, if you regularly spend any amount of time dreaming about how you could improve your life or make it better ‒ then rate each aspect on a scale of one to ten. This way you will be able to focus on those parts of your daily life that need some work, and what needs attention the most.

Perhaps you have already tried putting down a score in all or some of the different areas of your life, whether you are single, in a relationship, married with children, or retired. Don’t think it is too late. Even if you were able to improve the less important or slightly lower-rated areas of your life at an earlier stage and you only got them up to a six or a seven, don’t despair. Firstly, those scores don’t have to remain there forever, and the best news is they can be improved!

  1. Measure Your Methodology

When you get stuck in life with anything, the big issue probably is just the approach. Think of it as driving in traffic early in the morning ‒ if the traffic is too dense and too slow, try leaving earlier the next day. Any strategy has a best possible result (you won’t be able to travel to work in less time than it would take on an open road), and the different possibilities drawing most people might never get some of them higher than somewhere in the five-to-seven range. For instance, if you only do light exercises, and not on a strict schedule, it will never get your body to a state where you can take up modelling.

It doesn’t matter how well you implement that strategy ‒ the results will only get you to a certain (lesser) level. (If you only leave 5 minutes earlier in the mornings, you might miss some traffic and get to work a few minutes earlier, but it is a far cry from leaving before peak-hour traffic; ditto a stringent exercise program going with a healthy diet).

In most instances it would be absolutely necessary to start right back at the beginning. Professional sports people occasionally slip and get stuck on how they progress, and in the event of golf some even completely re-invent their swing. They might be stuck at a level two or three for a while, but more often than not they are totally able to push forward and eventually reach a ten out of ten with just a new strategy.

A much more effective strategy might still leave you feeling that it will take far too long to move up from say a five or a six to a ten. Agreed ‒ it will take some time, but, just like water flowing down the river, time is going to tick away anyway, so you might just as well use it to improve yourself. Work at it and spend that time improving, and see what you can achieve.

Here as some more important points to ponder while evaluating your approach to expanding any area of your life:

  • What Does It Mean To Achieve A Ten? First, take into consideration what a ten actually is. What would a 10/10 look like to you? If it is income, what is it ‒ R200,000 a year working full-time; or a million or two a year working less than say 20 hours a week? Like driving to your weekend or holiday destination ‒ you need to know where you are going so that you can plot the route.
  • A Good Way Is To Set Goals To Move Toward A Perfect Ten. Once that you know where it is that you are going, it is time to start on your journey. You need to be aggressive, but you are allowed to be smart as well. Just like driving somewhere ‒ as long as the engine is running and the car is pointed in the right direction, it’s impossible to fail.
  • Measure Your Progress. If the path you chose is not working, work out a new route. Try something else. Look for a different strategy and take a new approach. But when it is working, keep on going.
  1. When You Get To Your 1/10, What Happens?

When you approach the final stretch and you are reaching your 10/10, you will realize that the original five or six where you thought you were, was actually a three or a four, based on your new perspective. This actually means that a true ten out of ten is always way, way out there. If you can realize just how big a ten really is, it will show how much higher you can go once you reach each milestone! You are far more capable of reaching any goal than you can imagine!

The best of it all is ‒ it never ends. A billionaire has far more money than he could spend in his or her and a dozen more lifetimes, but they still feel the need to see what else they are capable of. For them, being fixed in a single spot is never satisfying for very long. The pleasure of the trip is the journey, not the destination ‒ the progress and experience, not in staying at any milestone.

At the end of the day the fulfilment you’re getting is directly proportional to what you do, and the amount of action that you to take. So get up, get going and do what you can ‒ and as much of it as you can. A ten is certainly within your reach… On the other hand, a ten doesn’t stay a ten for long as you will keep on reaching even further!

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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

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