Why you can’t afford NOT to use Facebook ads

There is something new on the horizon. Or maybe not so new.

For a few years now, experienced marketers have claimed that they get their quality leads from Facebook ads.

But not everybody paid attention or believed in the power of this tool until recent months.

Push, not pull

Even though Facebook ads don’t necessarily mean direct response, the Facebook pixel and ability to retarget based upon behavior and segmentation makes it an extremely valuable tool.

Facebook’s secret weapon is casual engagement.

Although Google Now, Google News and Google Shopping may be able to lead a user in casual engagement, nothing can compare to Facebook’s level of captivating mass audiences.

This social media platform has succeeded in building a colossal (2 billion) and extremely well-segmented audience at the disposal of marketers.

What makes Facebook marketing unique is that it is the opposite of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a pull, Facebook is one of the very first effective pushes in the digital marketing world.

Consider this: SEO and PPC require the action of search from the user. With email marketing, you must first earn the user’s email.

Even banner advertisements rely upon the possibility of your target market visiting specific sites. It took hard work to gain visibility.

With Facebook, you have a way of forcing yourself right into the hearts and minds of your target demographic again.

Relevance is still, oh, so relevant

Even though there is this prospect of forcing yourself in front of a target audience, relevance will become the new criteria for Facebook advertising.

The platform’s best interests are served by allowing relevant advertisers to pay less and have a broader reach.

If they aren’t capable of policing their monetizing strategy, it can lead to network abandonment like in the case of AOL many years ago.

Facebook would probably start developing algorithmic scales that measure the efficiency of an advertiser as much as an advertisement.

Trustworthy advertisers with a higher level of past engagement will be afforded far more reach and relevance than new advertisers.

Facebook Marketers that burn bridges wherever they pop out will simply not be allowed on Facebook anymore.

Start choosing your clients

Independent advertisers will be successful if they push relevant and valuable content.

Marketers that run multiple ads on behalf of businesses will need to be careful who they accept as clients.

If you start earning a grade and that grade has a negative impact on your clients, it will be vital to choose clients and projects that you feel are worthwhile and give value to the Facebook community.

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Vincent Jansen
Vincent Jansen

Vincent Jansen is the Social Media Marketing Manager here at the Wealth Creators Method. When he started with Facebook Marketing he did not know a thing about it and in the first 4 month of 2018 alone he made over a million Rands.