Why do you need to advertise online?

The ultimate goal of marketing is to convince people to buy your product.

But before customers can make that decision, they must first become aware of your brand.

The best way to raise awareness is by telling the story of your product.

If they identify with that story, they will start to consider buying your brand.

And then, when you hooked people on that level, it is time to close the deal…

Advertising online is an excellent way to help a company through this three-step process.

There are only a few reasons why it’s probably time to include digital advertising in your marketing strategy:

The right audience at the right time

With traditional advertising, marketers depended on potential customers listening to their ad during a radio slot, driving past (and noticing) their billboard or finding a promotion somewhere on the back pages of a magazine.

Digital advertising solves all these dilemmas by reaching an interested audience at the right time with a message they want to hear.

Useful features offered by digital marketing

Measuring performance

On Facebook, for example, a tool called Facebook pixel gives insight on who has seen your ad and how they reacted to it.

By monitoring advertisements in real time, you can increase your budget on ads that are performing well to reach a bigger audience. Underperforming ads, on the other hand, can be turned off.

Target audience

One of the most significant advantages of online marketing is that it enables you to expose very specific people to your products.

Facebook ads can target an audience by analyzing users’ hobbies and life events.

Power in your hands

Online marketing gives the advertiser much more flexibility than traditional ads.

You can decide where your adverts appear online, and in what format.

You can also change the schedule and budget for your ads on Facebook at any time.

  • Who did you reach?

It’s imperative to make sure that you reached the target market you had in mind and that these customers reacted to your ad.

If people you don’t consider to be potential customers see your ad, it is necessary to choose a more specific audience.

  • How much of the budget did you spend?

When you see a pattern of not spending your budget amount, re-evaluate the amount you're setting.

  • How much did you pay for each action?

By analyzing the results of your ad, you can determine how much you paid for each action.

If you spent R300 and got 100 clicks, each action cost you R3.

The ultimate goal is to increase the number of reactions to your marketing while reducing the cost of each action.

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Vincent Jansen
Vincent Jansen

Vincent Jansen is the Social Media Marketing Manager here at the Wealth Creators Method. When he started with Facebook Marketing he did not know a thing about it and in the first 4 month of 2018 alone he made over a million Rands.