It’s easy to start with a bang, but not always that easy to follow through and finish.

It might be the pressure of the work load or just time or something else less strenuous you would like to do.

This must have has happened to you, and it might have left you feeling as if you have done something wrong and profoundly disappointed in your own abilities.

Things you have to do might sometimes be just too much or too difficult for the moment, regardless how much you would like to see the end result, and it’s easy to let it go.

But how do you fare when it comes to dig a little bit deeper until the job at hand is done and dusted?

What can you do to keep on going when you’re challenged in meeting your goal?

If you are someone who starts easily but struggles to follow through, here are 7 strategies that will help you to the end:

  1. It might feel like you’re running a marathon and you’ll never get to the finish line. When that happens, just think of the end goal. That will remind you to simply keep going on . Slow down a bit and keep on working consistently towards your goal – keep on putting one foot forward at a time. This will improve your chances of eventually completing the task at hand.
  2. Look back at what you’ve accomplished so far. Think of and take a look at some of the fruits of your efforts thus far. It will give you lots of motivation to keep going. If you’ve done 10% of the project the previous day or week or even hour, its 10% less than you need to do before finishing. Think about what you’ve already completed and keep it in mind – many people haven’t even come that far. And don’t forget you have left to do.
  3. Remain positive. Remain focused on the positives ‒ it just makes it just so much easier to keep on going in the right direction. Being positive is a choice, so make the best of it. Emphasize all the positives.
  4. Don’t short-side yourself and under-estimate what you need to finish. It’s happened to all of us, thinking we know how much energy and time we will spend to do something, but then find it takes just so much longer. Be bold when you have to guess how long it will take ‒ over-estimate and give yourself a little bit more time.
  5. Promise yourself you will finish what you’ve started. Keep what you need to do in the forefront of your mind, think about why you want or need to do it, and then promise yourself to finish it. This will be the motivation you might need to keep going. Keep your nose to the grindstone and promise yourself you will stick with it until it is done. Then ‒ just do it.
  6. Be aware of when you might need to tweak the results. Sometimes, when you get tired or loose a bit of steam, you might want to slightly change your end goal ‒ but think about it carefully. Sometimes situations do change. People change. But when it comes to those important long-term projects and goals, stay on top of it and be sure you know when it’s time to do make some changes.
  • If the change is what you want, it’s fine ‒ just revisit your end goal, fine-tune it a bit, but most important of all, keep moving forward.
  1. Break it up into mini-goals. If things get a bit much, it might be a good idea to break your main goal down into interim goals that might be easier to get done one by one. Think of studying for an exam – finishing one chapter at a time makes you feel good knowing you’ve accomplished that section of work, or a mini-goal. The momentum you gain is astonishing.
  • Think of losing weight: Your main goal is to lose say 50 pounds. That’s mind boggling and might be overwhelming, but that’s how it works. You might feel you won’t be able to do it, and it is a challenge to get started. Now think of changing that to losing just five pounds for now?
  • You have a very good chance of achieving that quite easily. Once you are successful, you can enjoy the moment, then set another mini-goal to lose another five pounds.
  • Use these mini-goals to keep the momentum going and keep going forward bit by bit until you get to the end of the task

Being determined to finish can be the kind of challenge that’s worth conquering.

Be consistent and keep track of what you’ve managed to do so far.

Remain positive and don’t under-estimate the time or effort it will take to get there, but keep going.

A statue is chipped out of a big, solid chunk of granite one chip at a time.

Like a sculptor, be aware of what you’re doing all the time and keep the bigger picture in your mind.

Adjust your goal if you need to.

But before you give up, rather set some mini-goals to keep going until the end.

Your determination to finish will pay off!

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Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.

    19 replies to "[WI] Perseverance Pays: Follow Through and Complete What You’ve Started"

    • Nceda

      I have been reading a lot of material it has been very useful and i will attend your seminars soon.I run a property management business called RazPro Residential Property Management (pty) ltd.

    • Rufane

      Hannes tov jou vraag ,ek sal Baie graag, nee my grootste geskenk sal wees dat jy my persoonlike COACH moet wees.


      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Dit behoort nie te moeilik te wees nie… ek dink jy weet hoe dit kan gebeur.

    • Shazar

      Thanks Hannes – good reminders.. especially liked the thought on mini goals.. too many times we look at the big picture and it is all too much.. I like the eating an elephant analogy.. one bite at a time.. not that I would ever consider eating one of those beautiful creatures!!

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Hi Shazar
        Unless our goals scare us it will not be a worthwhile goal to pursue. The trick is to consistently break it down to smaller chunks that we can achieve on a daily basis – then even the biggest of goals become achievable.

    • Mohau

      Very timely piece. THank you for these tips. It is easy to start with a big bang and lots of energy then stagnate and feel disappointed that you have not kept up with the goals I have set.


      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Make it easy to succeed by setting small but achievable goals every day.

    • Nomvula

      Thank you Dr Hannes Dreyer, your teachings are always insightful and helpful.

    • Rhodah

      Great insight Dr. Dreyer.
      I find the idea of breaking the Goal into very small tasks much powerful. The question I now ask myself is “what is easy that is doable in the week then in the day?” It ease out tensions not being overwhelmed.

      Thanks Nthabiseng

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Fabulous… make it easy to succeed, and then just do it.

    • John Jansen

      Hannes I fully endorse the 7 strategies.

      My biggest challenge is procrastination. I hope that tomorrow tasks will be better for me whilst I neglect today’s work. It become a trend and subsequently I tell myself it is not important.

      Implementation is also a big stumbling block. I can compile/create the greatest ideas or plans on paper and even visualise it.However it remain on that piece of paper or an unaccomplished dream.

      I need to work on my WHY ,i.e.Why do I want to achieve that goal,what impact will the obtained goal have in my life,who else can benefit from my obtained goal,etc.

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Have you done my procrastination course? …or are you going to procrastinate?

    • Maryke

      Baie dankie vir die insiggewende “wakker-skud” e-posse. Dit is altyd baie welkom en ek sien altyd uit daarna om dit te ontvang.

    • Neill Volker

      Hi Hannes

      I am going through those wealth creators videos. Since your property investment seminar. it has tweeked my thought patterns. I sell real estate and at this stage I can only offer my clients the lesser of two evils, that is, be bondholder rather than a tenant, once I have done your property investment course. I will put that into practice and use that to build up my investor client base. Since then I have been offered a contract with a financial planning broker for bondcover etc to build an income stream from referrals, as well as a supply of water repellant covering for major exports of commodoties to protect them when they land at their destination minimising the returns of substandard products. We are looking at 1.5 mill profit a year with start up of less than R12000 and legalities of confidentaiality agreements and patents which I still need to investigate. I have the guy with the formulation of the product I just have to get the legalities sortedand market and manage a small staff complement and my cmt factory needs less than 20m2. Very exciting. Within in the next 6 months I will have my own reak estate property services company with 4 divisions taking care of income before I bring the properties on the market to sell as well my little manufacturing business. Then I will my own property portfolio from there. Thank you for your guidance and I hope to confirm your next property portfolio course by end of July 2016

    • Pam

      Hi Dr Dreyer,

      Great insight l must say! I attended your free seminar in Bloem and it was great and an eye opening. Now l need to order your books so that l can empower myself more.

      Thanks fir the seminar!

      God bless.

    • kerry rudd

      HI Hannes
      thank you for nudging me, to keep doing the work,
      I don’t procrastinate but sometimes battle to what is the priority,and in that I waste time, I have tons of lists etc,, but I get so side tracked eg when I get to work, there might be a customer that gives me good feedback about our products,so feel I need to give them my attention?? then half the day is gone, I am going to give myself blocks of time within the week, eg Thursday afternoon I want to study your work, finishing off from the roadmap weekend and then onto the 91 days, this way if anyone phones I can say I have an appointment?? or busy with a customer??
      and then the business gets busy…..there we go with side tracked again???

    • Mpumelelo

      Thank u Dr Hannes for the tips they are very insightful. We need more people like u in this world

    • Leon Scott

      In the next 90 days:
      1. I will evaluate 100 properties before 31 March 2018. If I find one, I will purchase the one that as an IRR of more that I need in order to retire.
      2. I will use my Rainmakers skill to finally start a business before 31 March 2018

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