80/20 principle

This is the follow up to our first video where we asked Dr. Hannes Dreyer (my father in law) to be our mentor on our mission to financial freedom. In this video we discuss a few thing but the main topics are the 80/20 principle and how we are going to go about this next year, why we want to help people, and exactly why we want to do this.

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Remember to tell us if you fall into the lagger, zigger, zagger or blizzer category and will it be worth it to change your mindset to get to the next level.

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Vincent Jansen
Vincent Jansen

Vincent Jansen is the Social Media Marketing Manager here at the Wealth Creators Method. When he started with Facebook Marketing he did not know a thing about it and in the first 4 month of 2018 alone he made over a million Rands.