The Path - Part 01

The Path – Part 01

The Path – Part 01 of 2 parts

This is the first part of the path that we are going to follow in order to reach financial freedom within a year.

As you go through the levels, the initial skill that you have to learn also have different levels.

We are now in the preparation or introduction phase.  It’s the most important phase you have to go through. At the end of the first part of the 6 weeks, we want to create a prototype or information product that we can sell.  The next step is that we want to write an auto responder campaign.  Then we want to create a presale sales page.  After that we want to set up the webinar and then present the webinar.  In the webinar we want to sell our prototype.

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Lara Jansen
Lara Jansen

Lara Jansen decided she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and teach the world about the Wealth Creators Strategy. She is currently following and implementing The Method themselves and in a short period of time achieve outstanding success.

    2 replies to "[JOURNEY 09] The Path – Part 01"

    • Raymond

      Awesome content…thank you.

      Just a quick question…regarding Webinars and things like Facebook Live, can it be pre-recorded and played back but without the customers knowing. So to them they’ll assume it’s a live webinar? I know one can do but I want to know if it’s okay to do it that way?

      • Dr. Hannes Dreyer

        Raymond what I do is to differentiate between a live webinar of a web-cast = webcasts are pre recorded and live webinars are live.
        What I have done in the past that worked well was to record the powerpoint presentation.
        I then start the webinar live – switch over to the Pre recorded powerpoint presentation and then switch back to live at the end to answer the Questions they may have.

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