Are you having any problems?


In this video – Journey 07: Are you having any problems? – 

We look at problems that may occur on your path to success.

Your journey begins with an idea.  That idea is not necessarily going to be the end product.

You start by doing your homework. Do the canvas and prototype.  As you bring your skill sets into this, you might change your opinion or the market will tell you that they don’t want that type of product.

Ask yourself this question:  How can I add value?  If you know how to add value, and  people can see the value, they  will pay anything for any type of product.

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Let us know if you are having any problems so far and catch our next video tomorrow where we will go through the Blueprint.

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Lara Jansen
Lara Jansen

Lara Jansen decided she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and teach the world about the Wealth Creators Strategy.