In this video I share a breakthrough moment in 1983 that changed my destiny…

I promise you that if you follow this “advice” your life will change as well.


Dr. Hannes Dreyer
Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Hannes is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation. As a speaker and author on the subject he is at the forefront of this personal development industry. He is the founder of the Wealth Creators University and the Wealth Creators Method. The University is a private education organisation based on the culmination of 30 years of experience, research and study into finances, economics, psychology and philosophy.

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    • Lionel Hill

      Hannes, thanks, I enjoy listening to your videos. But where is this leading me? Are you actually going to divulge what I must/can do to become succesfull/rich? Or is this just a build-up to having to do something else like enrolling for a course to achieve my aims?
      This might sound blunt, but I’ve encouraged my children to follow your videos and I don’t want to look silly at the end.

    • Grace

      I want to learn the skill and formula to riches

    • katlego


      You ate 100% correct, the biggest problem we are faced with is mindset and that is why many won’t be free.
      People believe that it is luck that others find a break through or might have inharited some fortune.
      And also your mind tells you that why aren’t we taught at the educational institutions about this way of being financial free if really is possible.

      We need also to radically erase all the crap that the system have tought us and endoctrinated in us, for us to break through.

      Thanks Hannes and I am in for the knowledge of power morphing.

    • Thea

      More Hannes
      Baie dankie vir die les. Ek stel defnitief belang in die Road Map.

    • Neil

      Intriguing Hannes I am willing to learn from you and walk the journey

    • Nikolas

      Dankie. Disney het na sy imagineurs vir hom n nuwe produk gewys het hulle uitgedaag en met die bevel ‘plus it!’ Hannes daag ons uit. Neem lewens verantwoordelikheid en plus it. Ek is in.

    • Michelle

      Thank you Hannes!!! Yes I am interested.

    • Bertus Nieuwenhuis

      Wow Hannes,

      Dit was n mondvol. Ek het regtig nodig om selfondersoek te gaan doen. Soos jy tereg genoem het staan ons baie keer in ons eie pad van sukses.

      Baie dankie vir die uitdaging/motivering om die fout se oorsprong te gaan soek.



    • Sifiso Perceverance Ncongwane

      Hello Sir, can you please adopt me and feed me with all the knowledge. Jokes aside, I’m a huge fan of property investments, I’m so obsessed about reading about them and finding the truth. I haven’t start on the paper assets chapter, I feel like you don’t have much control. Yes, I have the degree from a traditional school(varsity) but in real life it a way of driving us away from the truth. I’m looking forward for your seminar tomorrow in Mpumalaga, nelspruit. Also can you please email me the map to success about the truth. Thank you

    • Roxy Marosa

      HI Hannes

      Thank you so much for this video. I am so moved by this video because I see myself. I know I have this “resistance” or ego, and I don’t know how to get out of it. I know I have lived my life to be different from the poverty I grew up with. But I see that poverty is me like a part of my DNA. Yes I feel desperate to transform it, but I can see that I am repeating the same mistakes like I’m on a dog chasing its tail. I agree that I need to get to the root of my DNA and knowing this will give me access to my great desire of wealth and financial freedom.

      With my Anti-aging skin care business I know I can make it. I now know that I have to face the ugly truth about myself and get rid of the conversation that keeps me poor.

      I look forward to your videos everyday. I just told my brother about you and I told a friend last week. I really hope they google you and get on your database.

      Thank you very much.

    • Harold

      Good afternoon Hannes. I am busy with a couple of your courses at the moment and I am very excited about the journey!
      I have bought my first investment property and it yields an infinite return for the first 8 years, all thanx to the Property Pro training and software!!
      I am now in the process of completing the Wealth Insights and Debt Eradication Training as I want to run both investment and business legs to become financially free in 8 years. I do not have a business yet, but I am learning how to do it the wealth creators way so that when it starts I know it will be a success.
      I am still in the infant stages of wealth creation, but I have grown so much since I have joined the Wealth Creators University that I think my personal growth is also yielding an infinite return.
      Thank you, Hannes

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Congratulations Harold.
        It sounds like you can qualify to start with the Wealth Creators Inner Circle.
        Enjoy the journey

    • Theunis Burden

      I am really interested in finding out more about the roadmap to success. I’ve started a “financial map” to have mile stones to aim for. Being in my 40’s I realised the Mental game is the most difficult.

    • Mike Longley

      Hi Hannes,

      I have listened to many of your talks in the past and still don’t seem to get the message or be able to activate it. So, yes I am interested in your latest offering.



      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Mike the message is easy. Let go of your limiting beliefs and become a Wealth Creator.
        The quickest way to activate it is to do what you you’ve learned.
        So what is your FFGR?
        What are keeping you “poor”? (mentally physically, financial etc)
        Identify it and then look outside and find out what keeps others poor
        What can you do to change that?

    • Jaco Bester

      Mees kosbaarste ding wat mens kan weg gee is “tyd”… Jy doen die in jou vrye tyd en die passie waarmee jy praat is n goeie voorbeeld vir my.
      Ek sien uit na die volgende vedios wat uit kom
      Ek het nog baie om te leer

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Die lekkerste ding wat ek kan doen is om my “vrye tyd” te gebruik om ander te help om dit wat ek ervaar en het te kan kry…

    • Doug

      Dear Hannes
      I have just watched your video “Map to Success”.
      It is an inspiration and unfortunately for me it has come rather late because I retired last year and it obviously takes time to put the plan into motion.

      I only wish I had this opportunity earlier in my life, as I can identify with the mistakes you mention as U am sure that I made them too.

      Once again, thank you for a most inspiring presentation.

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        My dad is 90 so I’m not sure you old you are but if I assume then you retire at 65 it means you have 25 year at least.
        Do you know what you can do in 25 years?
        Do you know what a legacy you can build?
        Do you know how many people you can help?
        Do you know how many skills you can master in 25 years?
        So it is sad for me to read that you think it is too late for you.

        But it is your life and it is your right to think that it is too late.

    • Kevin Allen

      Thanks Hannes. As you clearly stated most people are not willing to put in the effort in order to live out their potential and it is rather sad as the world could be a much better place if people did put in the time and effort. I have to be a little hard on myself though and confess that whilst I know what I should be doing I too do fall short in terms of working on my map. It will be great to have a reminder of what needs to be done to be successful.

      Once again thanks for your brutal honest straight talking approach, just love it!!!!

    • Allen Gibson

      I have read a lot on the internet which complements what you are talking about in your video. THe mindset is the starting point but as you say, 1 have to accept I have to understand my mindset, identify the resistors/blockages and be prepared to do something about controlling them if I want to benefit with wealth over time.
      I am now almost 70, have no wealth, no major assets and a fixed pension income. So I am in a very specific place and need to understand what options I now have to grow my wealth greatly during the rest of my life so I can leave a legacy and a roadmap for my wife, children and grandchildren so they can work toward becoming wealthy as well.

      I look forwsrd to future inputs from yourself.

      Kind regards

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        First of all understand that you have an unfair advantage over a person of 30.
        You have 40 years more experience, skills and knowledge
        Use this to convert your time, energy, experience, skills and knowledge into assets

    • Michelle Bloem

      Hi Hannes this was once again very interesting. Thank you. This also makes sense to me since I am studying Life Coaching at the moment and it basically works on the same principle. You help people to reach their goals through having them create very spesific goals that are reach by obtaining certain milestones and action steps and by uncovering and getting rid of limiting beliefs.
      I am very interested in hearing more.

    • Heather Southwell

      Hi Hannes

      Please do more videos on the road map. I am learning slowly but surely.

    • Riaan E.

      Dr Hannes once again many THANKS for this contribution. Would sincerely like to have a little more light shed on the RAT,S that detract my MIND/ ROAD MAP application to be SUCCESSFUL. If possible could I please request that we can obtain a SAMPLE of the ROAD MAP to download for me to effectively apply in my DAILY ROAD TO RICHES . Godbless

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        I think I will share a part of the MAP but not the Roadmap
        I included the Roadmap in the Explosive Growth mentoring where I mentor my students step by step on how I applied the Roadmap to change 5 cents into a property that is producing R21 000 per month income in less than 9 months. The goal is to get to at least R30 000 passive income in less than 2 years but I think the end result will be better than that.

    • Peet

      Dankie Hannes vir die video. Waardeer dat jy jou persoonlike reis met ons deel. Sal graag nog meer wil leer; ek geniet dit.

    • Pieter

      sal leersaam en interessant wees om te leer hoe buite die box te dink. Ek het ook in my studente jare geleer dat die brein soos ‘n rekenaar is, wat deur ‘n mens self geprogrammeer kan word om ander uitkomste te lewer. Aangesien ek egter ‘confukulate’ was het ek nie eers besef dat so dramatiese finansiële verandering moontlik is, deur bloot ander denkpatrone te volg nie!

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Jou denke bepaal ALLES
        Ook hoe om 2 biljoen % groei te kry soos met my laaste belegging in net 6 maande.
        Geniet die “gift” reeks ek is seker daar sal ‘n paar deurbrake plaasvind voor die einde van die reeks

    • Russell Welgemoed

      Thanks Hannes
      I’m keen to hear more

    • Dudley Garner

      Dear Hannes

      Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday gift of sharing your wisdom.

      I am committed to watching all the videos in this series that you decide to post. I have found every one of them most intriguing so far. It’s amazing that being presented with facts/truth do not make humans change their minds… I have read that our ability for reasoning has more to do with being perceived as socially normal than being factually correct. It seems that once there is an embedded mindset, compelling facts alone will not cause a person to change their views. We attend school to learn stuff that we have to unlearn later, since it’s not always true, in order to learn what is actually true. This is a challenging process to go through. I think most people just don’t have the inclination or capacity to do so. This is true for many aspects of life, not only the financial.

      Looking forward to your next post.

      Kind regards

      Dudley Garner

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        I agree that most of the stuff that we do because of an embedded mindset and that compelling facts alone will not cause a person to change their views.
        BUT I do not agree with the statement: “I think most people just don’t have the inclination or capacity to do so. This is true for many aspects of life, not only the financial.”
        I belief that every person has the capacity, ability, and potential to become financially free.
        The problem is that they do not have the inclination, Intent, will or drive to be free.
        And that is because of conditioning and because it is an effort to break those preconceived ideas and mindsets.

    • Jurie Le Roux

      Uitstekend en inspirerend.

    • Xolani

      Thank you for the advice soon will be joining you.
      it time to stop dreaming and take action

    • Fatima Kola

      Thank you so much Hannes
      I’d love to learn much more on this subject

    • Richard Daguiar

      Hannes, that was a really warm, and touching video. This should probably be a personal email to you, but here we are.
      As an experienced LifeCoach and Minister, having innovated and combined World Class Stategies, that have really given results in my Life (including your Formula For Riches), i agree 100% with what you are saying. Herewith the root. “Seek ye The Kingdom, and all these things will be added unto to” The problem the ,masses have with this statement is the seeking….the deprogramming of ourselves, resistor removing….the very hard work firstly, as pioneers to discover and try many deprogramming techniques and then choose the best ie Powermorphing, Pain/Pleasure/Hypnosis/Miracles etc to rewrite new programs.
      An addition to this, is i used to pull my hair out when my students just could not listening …i eventually cracked it (and realised there is another force, Satan who constantly “deafens” people, hence Jesus massive confrontation with the masses in John…”why do you not listen to me when i tell you the Father has sent me….his answer repeated over and over, that Satan has blinded them). As individuals, not only do we need to deprogram ourselves, but we need to be out of sin as this gives Satan access to block peoles minds, even the cleverest of them! (saducees)….In Summary…seeking the Kingdom has been a lot of work, but today the payback is occurring effortlessly!….i do more miracles than Jesus today, as he said we would, and i am now able to remove Satan from my students minds when this happens! tee hee (THERE IS A PERSONAL, SPIRITUAL AND A FINANCIAL set of rules !

    • Petri Blaauw

      Hi Hannes. My wife and I are followed this series – please continue! Like you, we are on our journey but we are always interested in learning more about removing resistance, powermorphing and developing our roadmap to success.
      I have a question: in the video you mention that 40% of success comes from our mindsets (what you are talking about), 10% skills and 50% environment. What do you mean with environment? And if it determines 50% of our success – how to we address, improve and change it?

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        I will cover the 3 criteria of success during this “gift” series

    • Steven Matthyse

      Hi Hannes,wat is jou rede om so vroeg op te staan.Jou lesse is soos goud werd,baie dankie vir dit. Wens net dat ek so vroeg kan opstaan.Jammer vir my dom vraag.

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Ek het geen rede hoekom ek so vroeg opstaan nie. Ek word daardie tyd wakker en dan ek ek nie wag om al die dinge te doen wat vir my lekker is nie.
        Dis ook baie stil daardie tyd van die oggend in my huis wat beteken ek kan baie beter fokus om dit wat vir my belangrik is te doen.

    • abe

      great.i think the main reason why we are where we are is because of our mindset.
      we need to change our mindset to be successful

    • kenny

      Like to learn more about the map

    • Mzwandile Damoyi

      This is one of the great gifts to be appreciated from someone who is supposed to be given gifts because of his birthday. But this is vice versa. Be assured that I am no longer an average person,thanks to your teachings.

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        I received a great gift from you today… The assurance that you are not going to be average.
        I love that and thank you for making that commitment

    • George

      Beste Hannes dankie vir die video. Ek het toe terug gegaan en weer my FFGR bepaal. Ek is nou 31 as ek wil aftree op 40 met ‘n maandelikse inkomste van R100,000. Dan moet ek meer as 91%(My FFGR) groei op n maandelikse surplus kry van ‘n R1000.
      Die meeste van die potensiele beleggings wat ek geanaliseer het die lasste maand met die Property Pro program gee vir my 45% – 50% groei. Ek speel bietjie rond met die program en die enigste manier hoe ek potensieel my groei radikaal kan opstoot is as ek op n manier die huurinkomste kan verdubbel deur om iets aan die eiendom te doen waar ek dan meer inkomste kan kry of as die eiendom kry teen n waarde ver onder markwaarde. Dis waar ek my competency moet vermeerder, maar geen idee waar om te begin? Is daar iets spesifiek in jou kursus waarop ek moet fokus om te leer hoe om inkomste maandeliks radikaal te vermeerder of eiendom teen waarde ver onder markwaarde te kry? Ek het reeds met n paar curators en prokureurs gaan praat om distressed eiendomme onder markwaarde te kry, maar die ouens nie baie keen om te help… Ek weet ek gaan daar uitkom Hannes ek nou al 2 jaar met die proses aan die gang om die regte groei te kry en gaan nie opgee voor ek die regte een aan die hande kry. Kort net n bietjie hulp langs die pad om my te help om by die doel uit te kom…Jou hulp word baie waardeer. Dankie

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Al rede hoekom jy 45%-50% groei kry is omdat jy tonnel visie het.
        Jy probeer om 1 of 2 veranderlikes te manipuleer om groei te bewerkstellig.
        As die eiendom nie die potensiaal het om daardie groei vir jou te gee nie gaan jy nie die groei kry deur met die program te speel en dit probeer “forseer” om vir jou te gee wat jy will he nie.
        Wat bedoel jy as jy se jy wil ‘n eiendom ver onder markwaarde kry.
        Dit maak vir my geen sin nie want dis nie wat ek vir jou leer nie.
        Jy soek ‘n beleggingseiendom waar jy tenminste 20 van die 27 veranderlikes kan gerbuik om die risiko af te bestuur en hoe laer die risiko is hoe groter gaan die groei wees.
        so fokus op eiendomme waar daar meer veranderlikes is instede daarvan om na na 1 veranderlike (markwaarde) te kyk en te dink jy gaan die groei daardeur opmaak.

    • Uwe & Irmela

      Hallo Hannes, each and every presentation of yours is a great pleasure and have also read the book of Napoleon Hill. You have surely managed it and we have enrolled in your course, but also like to listen to your daily insperations. This road map is for sure for us and might be even part of our coarse we bought? Keep up this great work! Groete U & I

    • Maseo

      Hi Hannes,good morning,I’m seriously interested in that…it’s just 02:00am and I’m trying to do the same, but here you are…I can’t afford to miss that offer from you.

      Thanks for your time Hannes ,it really means a lot…

    • morne

      goeie dag hannes

      ja asb deel jou idees met ons


    • Dries Maree

      Hi Hannes. Ek het al baie van jou presentations bygewoon en videos gekyk. Elke keer is ek meer confuse want daar is nooit substansie aan wat jy se nie. Alles hang altyd in die lug. Dit is soos die meeste van die sogenaamde motivational speakers. Jy voel opgewonde maar het geen idee waarvan hulle praat nie

    • Celestine Kumire

      Once again thank you Hannes for your Lessons. I have really enjoyed the Map to Success. Please keep me included in future lessons as the gift that you are giving us. I look forward to receiving more from you.

    • Steven

      Absolutely love watching your video’s and your knowledge and insight is always so inspirational…listening to you and going on your course in 2003 enabled me to buy 2 houses with inifinite returns and will continue to follow you so please keep posting your amazing videos. Regards Steve

    • Lindsey

      Wonderful Stuff! Yes I want to be part of this journey



    • Tuan

      Fantastic talk/video. Yes, once you get the head right one is unstoppable. Count me in to power morphing. Looking forward to your next talk.

      Kind regards.

    • dagwin

      Thanks Hannes
      I would like to learn more how the mind works and the powermorphing course.

      • Hannes Dreyer Hannes Dreyer

        Will let you know when the next PowerMorphing session will happen

    • Ryon

      Thanks hannes. Im a young newby in the financial planning space working with many clients and have come to the same discovery. I would like to learn more and be involved in this process.

    • Japie

      The place to start is with the “Road Map”. It will ensure that one understands one’s self better and it will enable one’s self to create milestones on the map – to measure the successes achieve and allows one to adjust the map as progress is made.

      Will you consider a short but substantial course on creating a “Map” please.

    • Heleen

      So opgewonde oor my toekoms. Het die Financial Freedom Planner afgehandel. Het nou begin met die Property Pro Investment Course; besig met die 7 Laws en intussen probeer ek alles inneem en toepas sodat ek dit kan wees en uitleef waarvoor ek geskape is! Dankie vir dit wat jy met ons deel. Wees geseend!

    • wally

      Hannes ek het nou ook vroeg oggend na die video geluister. Jy maak my nuuskierig en ek sal wel wil weet wat dit is wat ons verkeerd doen. Wat ek wel uitgevind het op die laat stadium van my lewe is dat die RA’s en pensioen opbrengste nie werklik gee wat ek verwag nie. Soos die jaar wat verby is het die markte stil gestaan.

      Wat is dit wat ons verkeerd doen ?

    • Bertus Nieuwenhuis

      Goeiemore Hannes

      Weereens stel jy nie teleur nie.

      Na soveel jaar van navorsing gedoen oor wat die 90% doen, Kan jy asb dit met ons deel sodat ons dit kan

      vermy deur ons self te herprogrammeer om dit te vermy?

      Vriendelike Groete


    • Cathrin Fourie

      Goeie naand Hannes! Ek is besig om te leer vanaand toe ek lees van jou (creating money without money). Ek het dieselfde “stemmetjie” gehoor en dieselfde vrae begin vra begin van die jaar. Nou dat ek hierdie video gekyk het wil ek meer weet en ek het al begin om die slegte plekke in my denkwyse vas te stel. Ek moet net begin met die kaart. Baie dankie dat jy bereid is om jou ondekkings met ons te deel!

    • Stephane Hardy

      Hi Hannes
      Yes please. Let’s get the deprogramming started, I mean de-confokulated. You said it so right, it is so easy to get discouraged as one walks this path it feels quite lonely.
      Thank you for your time sharing and contribution

    • Andre Fichardt

      Hi Hannes,

      Ek het sommer 6 videos in 1 dag gekyk om op te vang, en sal voor vrydag op datum wees met jou. Ek is verseker saam my jou op hierdie “journey”.

      Baie dankie vir wat jy doen en dat jy bereid is om jou tyd en kennis met ons te deel.

      Kan jy my asb add op jou databasis ek het probeer maar jou website hou aan my ‘n error message gee.

      Jy het verseker my 150% commitment en soos jy gevra het, “I do accept”

      Lekker Aand

    • Buyiswa

      Dear Mr. Dreyer

      Thank you very very much for being such a mentor and a father to the nation. i learnt so much on this mind mapping and more of your webinars. I am interested on the mind mapping and more.

      Kind regards

    • Marietjie Rich

      Yes thankyou. I am an estate agent and have bought properties to rent out for an income stream when houses is one day paid off. Then each 2 or 3 years things get difficult then I have to sell again. My retirement moves away more and more. Quite desperate now. So YESS and thank you. I am most certainlg going to go for it

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